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Phuket is beautiful, fantastic, awesome, and a lot more adjective that people add for it but for me Phuket is Phuket. It isn't my prefer beach. When I think of the beach of Thailand, Phuket isn't in my top 10 list. It's a nice one yes but it is just not my fantasy beach. This time I had to go there because of Ale. He joined the international marathon in Phuket, since he started running last year, he told me he couldn't miss this. It's his first marathon in Thailand and in his life. So he asked me to come with him, not to run with him (he knows that exercise is my enemy) but to be his private photographer. So I can't say no.

We booked a flight since February. Ale was really excited with it. For plane we took air-asia, cheap and ok. Ale told me to order food, I didn't want it as it's just one hour flight but he told me to try. Ok, I did. When they served us, I don't think I could eat it. The food of the flight is about 2xxTH but what they served was like 20THB.

For the hotel, there's a travel agency who takes care of marathon and co-operates with some hotels, it's the special package for the runner. We found a nice package with Laguna Phuket Holiday Resort but we don't know is it good so we changed minds to stay at Dusit Thani Resort instead - Dusit Thani has no package for runner but that's ok, at least we know how good the hotel is. So Ale booked it online. He showed me when he's done with everything, I checked the link he gave, and had to laugh out loud. Ale did the wrong booking. He did pay for Laguna Phuket Holiday Resort not Dusit Thani!

On the website, he clicked Dusit Thani Resort to pay. When you clicked Dusit Thani, it links to another page which the first hotel is Laguna Phuket Holiday Resort . If you want Dusit Thani, you have to scroll down to find Dusit Thani Link. But Ale didn't realize, when he clicked Dusit Thani and it links to Laguna, he thought it was Dusit Thani so he chose the room and paid. haha The confirmation is Laguna Phuket Holiday Resort as well. We know that it's a nice hotel but hoped it'd be nice as much as Dusit Thani.

I knew it later that there are six resort in this LAGUNA Area. Laguna Phuket Holiday Resort is the sixth. You can go around these resorts by the shuttle-bus free of charge. You can have dinner at any one of them by just telling them your place and your room number, then pay later when you check out. Sounds nice? It would be nice if things are not pricey. Laguna Phuket Holiday Resort is the newest one and it's an only one that isn't connect to the beach but the room is perfect. You can also cook here. I like most of these things but just feel like I'm forced to stay in the Lagune.

Why is that? Laguna is like a whole town by itself.  It isn't far to get out to the main road but it's not easy to get out as well. There's a shuttle bus service to the entrance of Laguna, then you walk a lot. I

We're really hungry when we arrived so we looked at the menu to find what they have and price. Pad Thai 500THB per dish, haha coke 90THB per can, haha. Wow! That's why they have the kitchen in the room! :D But as the room is too nice to make us go out to do anything so on the first day we tried to do nothing.  But the stomach cried for food, we're hungry and we don't want to pay 500THB for Pad Thai so we went to find a supermarket to buy some meats to cook but they have only minimart with no fresh food, and the price is unbelievable. We walked out to the main road, found many restaurants-most of them are Italian restaurants. We look for 7-11, no we didn't find it. The sun was strong so we decided to eat at one place called Toto's. It's Italian. No people at that time they are just opened. We ordered 3 main dishes with one coke, two bottles of Singha Beer (small) and one coffee. The food was good. The price was not, 1,800THB haha a little bit expensive but I loved the food so it was alright.

Everything around Laguna area is also as expensive as Laguna. If you don't want to walk, they have a bike to rent. For cars and motorbikes I think you have to find on the streets to rent it or at the airport but as Laguna is another town of itself, you can also enjoy the days in this area too. My hotel isn't connect to the beach but I can also go to Dusit Thani or Sheraton to relax on the beach, all 6 hotels are cousins. But if you are looking for the beach, you have to take a taxi to it. If you're looking for a cheap good food, you have to take a taxi to it. And the taxi driver can be a friend of you but the price can't so bargain :)

We're full and walked back to the hotel, we didn't sleep the night before flying to Phuket so our first night our heads hit the bed since 6pm. :D Goodnight!

p.s. see the pictures in another entry, I don't know why can't I post it in this.

newtampo says:
Posted on: Jun 21, 2010
ratu says:
Ha ha ha

Wrong Ale!
Posted on: Jun 21, 2010
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