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This is my first cruise and also my first trip out of the united states.  We left Baton Rouge early and picked up my friend Karen's parents who also went with us.  Then we started out for New Orleans.  New Orleans is only about an hour from Baton Rouge so it wasn't a bad ride.  We made it to the dock and went through all the security checks and stood in line for boarding.  Once on board, we found our room, put down our carry on bags and proceeded to the top deck for our departure from Baton Rouge, LA.  The weather looked horrible but the boat was amazing.  Playing party music from New Orleans and people sipping their cocktails and dancing around on deck.

  It was a pretty amazing site.  A few minutes after the boat left the dock, the loud speaking playing music started playing a mardi gras march song that is very familiar for the New Orleans area.  I don't remember the exact song but there was this cute little old man in a blue suit, kind of looked like linen or pajamas..LOL..but he got up with his cane and slowly started dancing.  For a second people was just standing and cheering for him then they all started to dance with him.  Forming a line and doing a march.  The little man was enjoying himself so much that all I could do was watch as he put his cane up in the air and slowly but steadily march until the song was nearly over. 

Once we were out of the city a while, we walked around the top of the boat to see what all was there then we went inside to check out the rest before dinner.

We had a late seating for dinner so we had plenty of time to get settled, shower and dress for the ocassion.  I have been to fancy resturants but this was a different experience.  Our two waiters were from very different countries and religions yet I have never met two more sincere and humble and nice. 

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This little man in the blue starte…
This little man in the blue start…