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Drive up the Sea to Sky Highway
As I returned back to Vancouver with my friends from the Okanagan I already had my eyes set on making my way up to Whistler the next day.  (I didn't nickname myself Restless Soul for nothing!)

Having lived in Vancouver for some years before I have spent my fair share of time up in Whistler skiing, shopping, partying but that has almost always been in the wintertime.  I figured it was time to check out the village in the summertime.

With no real plan as to what I'd do up there, I grabbed another friend and headed up for the day.

For those who don't know.  Whistler lives 127km North of Vancouver, and takes anywhere from 1 hr to 1.
Should have read "Caution - nudist around the corner"
5hr along the wicked Sea to Sky Highway.  There are many places along the way where you are able to pull over safely take pictures.

First thing I noticed was the lack of people! Ya there were still some tourist out and about shopping in town, but not nearly as many as you get accustomed to when there is snow up on the mountains.  Oh well, less crows to deal with (bonus!)

We grabbed a map of the village and surrounding area, and found a trail that took us from town over to Lost Lake. With no better idea of what to do we decided to follow it and see what we found.  Ta Da- all those people that seemed to be missing in town were there sunning themselves at Lost Lake! And it really once you get there it is a no brainer, the lake is gorgeous and only a 5-10 min walk from the village - where else would you want to be on a hot sunny day? (Ok I'd rather be hiking up on the mountain myself - but I'm a freak at times.
Lost lake, with Whistler Mountain in the distance

Instead of joining the masses Tyler and I took the walk around the lake to get some better shots of the area with our cameras.

Now maybe it's the North American in me, but I'm still a little shocked whenever I stumble over some people sunning themselves naked in a public area. Here we are with our cameras (large obscene lenses mounted) making our way through the trees along the lake when we bump into half a dozen people trying to fry (from what I saw) their glistening pasty white butts. Awkward.

So for anyone who cares to know Lost Lake has a little nudist colony on the docks around the corner from the sandy beach...just look for those reflective white bodies.  And to those people I surprised that day, I apologize.

We slowly made our way back into town, ready to grab some grub.
Enjoying some tasty food at the Longhorn
For anyone who hasn't been to Whistler you must have at least one meal at the Longhorn.  It rests right at the base of Whistler and Blackcomb mountain providing great views of the mountains and plenty of entertainment watching the skiers,boarders, or mountain bikers.  It may not be gourmet food, but it does serve great pub grub and ice cold beverages.  (The patio in Penticton comes close to comparing to this place) Even during this slower season the Longhorn patio was still packed with patrons -everyone loves this place.

With our bellies full of food, Tyler and I decided it was best to head back to Vancouver, and hopefully miss any bridge traffic getting back into the downtown core. I only had one full day left in Vancouver, and it would be filled with last minute visits with friends... looked like another trip was coming to an end.

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Drive up the Sea to Sky Highway
Drive up the Sea to Sky Highway
Should have read Caution - nudist…
Should have read "Caution - nudis…
Lost lake, with Whistler Mountain …
Lost lake, with Whistler Mountain…
Enjoying some tasty food at the Lo…
Enjoying some tasty food at the L…
photo by: mountaingirl