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The père Lachaise, is a famous cimetery where many famous artist are buried.

In 1790 the city Paris decided to enforce the law and no cemetery should stay inside Paris for hygienic reason. The tomb were removed and the existing cimetary where demolished and the bones relocated in the Catacombes during nights transfers. Napoleon  then ruled that everyone had the right to be buried decently without disctinction of race, religion or social status. The Père Lachaise was founded to match this ideal and was at that time located outside the limit of Paris. At first is didn't attracted the parisians, to change this the city of Paris organised in 1817 the transfer of Molière, La Fontaine, Héloïse and Abbelard and it worked.

You surely think that visiting a cimetary has no interest but this one may make you re-think this opinion.

Oscar Wilde's grave (Source internet)

Many famous people have been buried there Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Molière and Champollion... and you may wants to pay a tribute. The cemetary is crowded with fans of Jim Morisson and Oscar Wilde (lady) readers come to kiss the grave with flashy lipstick.

Taking a stroll into the cemetary is like going a strange and fascinating adventure. Many funeral monuments lost their fancy appearance with time and nature took its right over it and create an atmosphere of peace. While walking through the alley you may admire sculpture of Masters wonder what was happened to this familly who erected this abandonned palast.

In 1871, the cimetary was used by rebels of the commune de Paris as a battlefield. At the end of the insurection the 147 survivor where shot at the south wall of the cemetery now called mur des Fédérés.


You see Oscar Wilde grave in the serie of short movie: "Paris je t'aime" -part over the XX arrondissement.

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The père Lachaise, is a famous ci…
The père Lachaise, is a famous c…
Oscar Wildes grave (Source intern…
Oscar Wilde's grave (Source inter…
père Lachaise,
père Lachaise,
père Lachaise,
père Lachaise,
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