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I sooo needed this holiday, I swear! I'm always in need of travel, but this time it was serious. It had been over a year since my last big trip and I was craving to be out again. I would have gone to Jordan and Syria in spring, but this plan got canceled and so Spain was the logical conclusion to compensate for the loss. I mean, this is my favorite country of all places. It would definitely cheer me up and deliver everything I needed to reload myself again with new energy. So when I booked Spain this year I was sad about the canceled middle east trip, but also really looking forward to discover a new part of the country I love so much.

It is hard to tell what I like so much about Spain. I guess it is just being here. Because I can't tell it is perfect.
It is not Italy... where everything is perfect and neat and... predictable. Don't get me wrong, I love Italy too :) But Spain it is, in my heart. It is the love of my life. When I don't visit for a while, it makes me restless. Like it is calling me. Then I need to go back. I love the language, for a start. Such beautiful language. I like to try and speak it and to hear it all around me. I love the food. Such delicious food. Paella, Mangecho, Tapas and Cava, Tinto de Verano, the lovely wines, the bocadillos, the fresh produce on the markets, the whole approach to eating and serving dishes. It is amazing. I love the people, and the way they act and speak. Very different from Belgian communication, by all means, but that does not matter. I get speechless when seeing the countryside, endlessly, infinite, rough, wild, free.
The sleepless cities, vivid and hectic sometimes. But European in any way. Known and yet so different from where I live. The beaches even, although I do not like the costas at all. The architecture, with those typical stones and structures. Gothic churches, Roman remains, modernism, mudejar. The religion, and the way it lives here.  The history, of Moorish invasion, reconquesta, mad kings and queens. What do I not like about Spain? I love it all.

In Spain you can have this beautiful old little town in the middle of nowhere, you can drive around in your car and stumble into it. Like you discovered it. Away from everything, with pure beauty and full of old little streets and buildings. The same village in Italy, would have been in every brochure.
For what my Spanish/English is worth: "They will return, the dark galandrinos (I was told they are swallows) making their nests on your balcony and one other time, with their wings against your window, will ring playfully
It would have a red carpet rolled out for tourists to come and see. "Look what we've got!" The beauty of it would be shouted out. In Spain nobody seems to bother.
You can have the small old city streets, so adorable. And then have a huge trash container in the middle of it to spoil your picture. Nobody cares :)
Spain is not perfect but it is just what it should be. It is Spain and that is why I like it.
Like you have this beautiful guy, really handsome and all. But he knows he is and everybody does know it. So he feels sooo good about himself. Spain is not like that. Spain is like a really handsome guy but he does not know, he is just acting casual. I like the fact that Spain is unpretentious. Does that make sense?

Whatever, cut the bullshit. Today I am flying back into Spain. The most beautiful country in the world! Better put some food aside for me :)
vinayak1000 says:
I agree. I really love Spanish culture and history. I fell in love with all things Spain growing up and I was fortunate enough to visit Madrid just a year ago. It was an incredible experience and one that I am very pleased about.
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Posted on: Mar 02, 2016
Priya853 says:
I'm travelling to Spain for the first time. I too have my reasons as to why Spain is special to me although I've never see in yet! But reading your blog just made me feel happy about going there. Thanks for the blog and have a great day!
Posted on: Feb 04, 2015
Buho says:
Hola Pearl. Thank you very much for such a beautiful words about Spain. I can see they came from your heart. I love Spain too, maybe because Im spanish:) and would love to share with you all the secrets of my country...
Posted on: Nov 19, 2011
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For what my Spanish/English is wor…
For what my Spanish/English is wo…
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