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Note - the Bloukrans Bridge is actually found 40k east of Plettenberg Bay.  You can drive there yourself or take a shuttle from Plett.

I don’t think it’s necessary to go on and on about the activity of bungee jumping.  You basically know the deal – strap a line to you ankles, jump off of something very high, scream a bit and bounce up and down on the line until some dude comes to pull you back up.  This was my first bungee experience, and it went exactly as I thought it would.  I think it’s worth doing, especially if you have never tried it before.  The price was R650 (a bit under $100), which is probably a good price compared to places in the US.

  Plus you may as well make your first jump the highest bridge jump in the world – superlatives are always a neat bonus.

      As it was my first and only bungee experience, I can’t compare it to other places.  I can say that everything seemed extremely safe – most of the equipment they use is the same type of equipment used in rock climbing, so I am at least familiar with how the gear keeps you safe.  The guys running the jump were a lot of fun, playing music, dancing around, yet all the while explaining what they were doing and reassuring us that no one has ever been hurt while jumping off this bridge, which is always nice to hear before you hurl yourself in open air.

     A few tips - It is cold out on the bridge, so bring a jacket.  If you chicken out you don’t get your money back, so don’t chicken out.  Fear is temporary, regret is forever.  If you are really nervous, you can buy shots from the restaurant near by at any time of the day.  Don’t rely on the shots though - just turn off your mind and have something witty to yell as you jump so you can make the other people in your group laugh.

  For f’s sake, do not grab on to the employees or their clothing while you are standing with your toes over the edge in the jump position – they really hate that and will probably pummel you in self defense.  Rightfully so.  The most dangerous part of this whole experience is walking back to the restaurant area from the bridge – there are snakes around and they can hurt you.  I didn’t have to worry about the snakes because it’s winter time and they are all underground conserving energy until things warm up.  Finally, make sure to watch the DVD of your jump when you get back to the shop.  I watched mine and was mystified by my behavior.  For some reason, a few seconds in to my free fall I curled up in to a cannonball position, as if this would be a better way to land should the worst case scenario occur.  I think I did this because I couldn’t handle the free fall feeling in my stomach, but unless I jump again and remain self-analytical, I’ll never know.  It’s funny to watch though, and now that a few days have gone by, they’ve hopefully erased the recording of my jump and only MJ and I will know how stupid I look when I bungee jump.

     Jumps are on a first come first serve basis, so get there early to make sure you get a spot.  The whole jumping process runs about an hour, and they take groups of 8 at a time, so make sure you give yourself time.  There is not a way to expedite the process, so strap in and relax, you’re on Africa time, baby!      

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Thats me!
That's me!
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