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One great thing about the city of Broome in July is the weather. The northern part of Australia only got two seasons in a year the wet season and the dry season. Like the name indicates - the wet season is characterized by lots of rain and clouds and humidity in the nineties.  The dry season on the other hand is characterized by sunny days with a clear blue sky and no rain at all. July is at the height of the dry season in northern Australia -hence I expect the weather to be perfect lots of blue sky and sun.

Of course I can still remember the weather from the last time I went to Broome about nine years ago - in July. Back then they set the records for most recorded rainfall in July and most rain during 24 hours in July - ever. I figure this was a once in a century event - and it wouldn’t happen again for the next fifty or a hundred years.

Early in the morning I wake up - listening to the sound of water pouring down outside. I must say I am a bit disturbed by this unlikely event. But for now I just go back to sleep expecting the bad weather to disappear in a couple of hours of extra sleep. When I wake up a bit later in the morning it seems like it has stopped raining for now - hopefully this was it with the rain. I meet a few people and we head down the street a couple of hundred meters to go for some breakfast in a small restaurant.

We sit in the restaurant for a while and people debate what to do for the day. But while we are eating the priorities change a bit - it starts pouring down again. It is raining so hard that it is impossible to make it down the road to get back to the places we are staying without getting soaked. Hence we stay at the restaurant for a while more having an extra cup of coffee. The rain keeps falling hard outside and eventually we sort of have to leave - rain or not. I get soaked while I head down the road to get inside - but there is no way around it.

Instead of spending the day exploring the area around Broome I end up spending the day under a roof watching bad old movies on a big screen.

Just to put things in perspective - the record for most rainfall in 24 hours in July from my first visit in Broome still stand till this day. The record for most rainfall in July has been broken.  During the 68 years of recorded rainfall in Broome where I have not been there the total rainfall in July adds up to a grand total of about 300mm or an average of about 4,4mm a year which is less than a quarter of an inch of rain. In the two years where I have been to Broome they had over 208mm which average approximately 104.4mm of rain per year - or more than 4 inches of rain per month and ½ an inch of rain for each of the 8 days I stayed in Broome. So I will give you all a piece of advice - if you are ever going to Broome in WA better drop me a note to make sure I am not heading there at the same time as you. Otherwise you will most likely end up getting soaked.

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photo by: Morle