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Up in the far northwestern corner of Oz tucked away far from the coast is one of the most stunning landscapes on earth. The combination of the rusty red colored rocks and millions of years of water running through the area from time to time have created a series of stunning deep gorges.

The area would be simple waste land if it wasn’t for the fact it is so full of iron it is hard to believe. But iron is so plentiful around here so a huge chuck of the country has been set aside to form one of the largest national parks in Oz - the Karijini National Park.

During the summer temperatures here in park can easily reach high forties Celsius - way above 100 Fahrenheit. But fortunately the weather in the middle of the winter is a lot more pleasant.

The sun is up warming up the area nicely making for a great day to go hiking in the gorges. I start out going for a simple lookout to see the big gorges from above - the raw cliffs with the river far far below me are just amazing.

After having stared at the gorges from above the next step is to go down and look at the red walls from below. You get down in the gorges easily it’s always a bit of a problem hike when you get the easy downhill bit out at the way first and then leave the uphill till later. Fortunately the gorges isn’t all that deep so considering it’s a nice and cool day it isn’t really a problem today. Down in the first gorges is a small river running along in the bottom and I follow the river for a while until the road stops and only the river is left - from here I can glance at the red cliffs and the water continuing to the distance.

On my way back up a heron is suddenly coming by flying by close by me. The big bird is landing on the a few meters away from me next to the water looking for the next meal in the form of some sort of fish. After saying my goodbyes to birdie it’s time to get back up the gorges.

I get to the visitors center before lunch to have a look at the local museum which has a good display of the history and traditions of the aboriginals who used to inhabit the area and who still got some descendant living around the park.

After lunch it’s time to go down another gorge - down at the bottom is strange growing trees which seems to be growing wild out of standard shape for a tree. Down at the bottom is a small pool where you can swim - well that is if you enjoy freezing cold water at some crazy temperature of about 21c.

Only crazy people will ever go for that kind of torture - I will certainly not. Living in Denmark I have realized you should never ever go into the water if it is less than 25 - unless you are in a wetsuit. Needless to say I never go swimming at home.

Getting up from the gorge the gum trees growing at the top keep getting my eye. The white trees growing along the ridge of the dark red gorge is just amazing looking. The trees are growing just at the very edge looking like they could take an accidental step and drop down the bottom - good thing trees don’t have feet’s I guess.

At night at camp it is getting pretty cold pretty fast - Karijini is a bit elevated at around 800 hundred meters above sea level and during this winter time the night temperature is only a few degrees above freezing. And I am not really bring my standard winter closing so getting down in a nice warm sleeping back and just enjoy looking at the stars for a little bit before going to sleep seems like a superior solution to sitting at a table freezing.

reikunboy says:
nice blog, great pics
Posted on: Nov 10, 2010
tj1777 says:
Probably somebody have tried coldmining. But this area is 90 percent iron in the earth. so they probably had no luck at all.
Posted on: Nov 10, 2010
joehobo says:
Marvelous pictures and looking at the gorge ans waterdheds reminds me some western cow boy movies.
Posted on: Nov 10, 2010
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