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After having spent yesterday snorkeling with the giant fish I have decided to go diving with some smaller fish today. Hence I leave fairly early in the morning. I get picked up from where I stay so at least I don’t need to go out for a long hike in the morning. We drive south today contrary to yesterday and get down to the harbor at the southern edge of the town. From there we depart on a dive boat sailing for a while until we reach some nearby islands called the Murion Islands.

We go out diving from the boat and the visibility is pretty good. Unlike my previous snorkeling trips the previous days the dives today is mainly focus at the smaller stuff in the ocean - so no manta rays or whale sharks today. There are lots of beautiful corals where we get a change to do some swim through of different coral canyons.

Turtle - if you cant see it look harder ;)
And there are a good variety of different coral fishes. After a couple of dives we go back to the city and everybody is just hanging out for the afternoon.

After dinner there are a bit of excitement in the air. It’s a big day - the world cup is on and today we have reach the second round with Germany playing England. And most of the people around me are German and English. They all want to watch the game. Unfortunately today is Sunday - and on a Sunday the two bars in town both close at ten at night - or just exactly at the time for the kickoff in South Africa.

There are no where in the city you can go and watch the game - the kitchen at the campsite close at ten as well. The bloke working night shift don’t really appreciate the importance football has in the life of many Europeans. So he displays no sympathy with the desperate Germans and English. The camp site is generally dead at ten and nobody seems to care that a ball with a round ball is about to start. I guess the only game with a round ball Aussies care about is the one going on for 5 days constantly interrupted by tea breaks.

The Germans make an attempt to find somebody with a television who they can convince to invite them in and watch the game. All the attempts prove to be futile - and after about half an hour they give up. There will be no football game for tonight.

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Turtle - if you cant see it look h…
Turtle - if you cant see it look …
Murion Islands
photo by: tj1777