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It is sort of good weather today so I can try to do something outdoors again. By now the bad weather has made me give up on my idea of heading to the north of Broome - the roads up there is closed and is likely to remain closed for at least another couple of days. Actually the weather and road conditions have become the talk of the town - a lot of people are getting stocked in and around Broome try to go to the east but it’s a problem. Apparently highway one has been closed a couple of hours drive east of Broome - and even the greyhound busses has stopped going through. This means the northern part of Oz has come to a semi standstill.

I decide to talk a change today - and go for a bit of a longer bike ride to a small wildlife park about 20k from the city.

It is actually quite warm today so the ride out there is a bit warm.  And I realize that the super flat road I remember from driving towards - isn’t all that flat after all. There is definitely a small falls flat on the way out there where you are driving slightly uphill for at least a couple of kilometers.  I got to admit that my physical shape has deteriorated somewhat during the last 3 weeks in and towards Oz. But finally I make it out to the wildlife park.

When I get out to the park and want to buy a ticket the woman selling entrance tickets is sort of surprised to see somebody who has actually made it out to the park on a bike - I get the feeling it is the first time anybody has ever gone on a bike - they seem to be much more used to people going by car.

I get inside and I realize I made it just in time for the 11 o’clock feeding tour of the park. They do the feeding in the main pool where they keep a big group of saltwater crocodiles. There are a lot of raptors circling around over the top of the pool and a few herons and other water birds occasionally lands on the water in the pool. You never know if one of the crocs decides to go for a little snack if one of the birds doesn’t pay enough attention to the local residents. The possibility of a sudden catch of a bird gives the whole scenery a special feel.

Most of the crocs in the pool are males. Usually you can’t have so many male crocodiles in such a small area without the strongest ones killing the weaker crocs. But because these crocs are all brothers and have been living in this pool their entire life they have a bit more patience with each other and usually don’t kill the other - though accidents do happen occasionally so the population of crocs is falling a bit every year during the mating season.

The park is mainly a croc park - but they do have other kind of local wildlife as well. Behind the big croc pool are a few snakes and the attendant at the park takes them out to show around to the guest - but apparently the park hasn’t got insurance to let the guest handle the snakes themselves.

After the quick tour of the park I wander around for a while looking at the different animals they got there. They got a few big areas for wallabies of different kinds and several enclosures for dingoes as well. I end up spending quite a bit of time in the park and in the end I figure I might as well stay for the next feeding at 3 considering I won’t get back to town until pretty late anyways. I stay for the feeding and then I realize I better hurry back because it is getting still more clouded and I really don’t want to get stuck all the way out here in the rain having to spend ½ hour or more riding back to town. Hence I go back quickly and today I don’t even bother trying to go down for a sunset at the beach - there isn’t gonna be a sunset tonight.

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photo by: Morle