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We didn't have to get up too early today, which was a very welcome surprise. Our program consisted of the ruins of an ancient Khmer temple and then a ride on the death railway. The guide had told us to get a seat wherever, because the train is usually extremely crowded and then we would meet again at the end of the line... And indeed, the 1st few wagons were indeed too crowded, but walking on I found one nearly empty car with a great space next to the window. We just couldn't understand why all the others were complaining about the uncomfortable wooden benches afterwards...we had a pretty good seat...and only now I realised why the ticket controller was shooting off his little litany to me...looks like we went to sit in 1st class *LOL* and got away with it :) 

Lunch was fried rice AGAIN and this time I completely had enough of it and refused to take any more of the sticky white stuff. Not very smart of me, but I skipped lunch and only ate a few slices of pineapple. And   that right before we had a pretty tiresome trekking  through the forest up to a beautiful waterfall.

The walk was rough on the steep slopes of the hills and with an empty stomach it is even harder, but I made it pretty well. By now I was desperate for food and tried to survive on cookies and candy, but our programme hadn't finished yet. After a really exciting speed boat trip up the river, we stopped to crawl into an awesome cave, but even the thrill of seeing a wild white elephant on the way back couldn't keep my mind off food.

And as you easily can guess, dinner was rice AGAIN. Okay that was it, there was no way in hell I would eat any more rice, it felt like my entire head was filled with rice. So I decided to return to my room and order some spaghetti by room service, which was absolutely delicious after 4 full days of rice. But as expected, starving as I was, I scarved down the dish much too fast and had to pay with a really bad stomach ache in the middle of the night...(at least I THINK that was the reason of my stomach problems...am not a doctor of course)
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photo by: wbboy29