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I didn't sleep much on the bumpy train ride, but at least I felt a little better in the morning. The cold toast train breakfast didn't look too appealing, but at least I ate some of it.  Still I was feeling pretty weak from the lack of food before, but it looked like I would get myself through the day.

In the morning we visited a few arts and crafts type of factories: one where they make those paper umbrellas and another where they weave silk.   We returned to the hotel pretty early, because another Thai Dinner was in store for us tonight... oh no, rice again, but by now I was feeling hungry enough to eat just about  anything!  Later on turned out we ate fried pig skin and such.. .but hey, at least I wasn't too hungry anymore. Apart from the food, the dinner was brilliant. These dances were far more interesting than those from the south and the splendid fireworks in the end made it more than worth it. I even found out that Thai dancing isn't too I was invited on the stage :)

The dinner ended around 10.30 PM but we definitely didn't feel tired enough to go to the hotel, especially knowing that Chiang Mai hosts a pretty exciting night market.  As soon as the bus dropped us off at the night market, we now could explore the nightly city on our own and much to my delight we discovered a Mac Donalds! There was no way on earth I would pass this place without getting in. Not only did I still feel like eating and making up for the previous days; but for Ils and I, a Mac Donalds still contains a whole book of travel nostalgia. Wonder if I ever ate this much at Mc Donalds before.  And strange as it may sound, this is what got me up and running again. From then onwards my stomach trouble was over and I could even live with the idea of eating rice again!!!  And that was a really good thing as the following day we would start the big jungle adventure...
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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes