Thursday 28th June 2001 last day

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This can't be true, can it? It was already raining cats and dogs as we opened the blinds. Not today! Not on our final chance to catch a bit of a tan! Anyway, I staid pretty optimistic about it, it would be just a shower and it would pass rather quickly, not?

At first I seemed right, as after breakfast it was nice and dry again. But we didn't even sit on our lounge chairs for half an hour when the drops started coming down again. What to do then? We couldn't sit around and chat in the lobby the entire day - so we decided to hit the town one more time. But after all the souvenir shopping had been done, there wasn't much more to do anymore then spend the afternoon eating and drinking, spending our lasts baths :)

When we returned from the centre, most of our fellow group members were already waiting in the lobby, enjoying a last drink before the bus would take us back to the airport in Bangkok. This time the ride flew by in no time, filled with plenty of interesting conversations. It was still a bit of a wait before we could finally check-in and there wasn't much to do at the airport, except from a very last bite at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken - and I am glad I did. Our plane was only leaving at 2.30 AM and I was already starving.   On board we once again were out of luck. This time it wasn't a spastic little kid to keep me awake...Now we were seated right next to the kitchen. Which had its advantages, I admit, not having to go very far to get a drink. But we also had to deal with the smell, not even to mention the hostess rushing out of the kitchen splashing half of her pot of coffee on my sweatshirt! By then I had enough of it and reached for my "emergency" sleeping pill to survive the rest of the trip without any more incidents.
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photo by: Kju