Monday 25th June 2001 Bangkok - Pattaya

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This time we didn't get any breakfast on board the train  - thank goodness - but we would eat at some hotel when we got to Bangkok. Though yet another sleepless night was too hard too handle for me. I walked around like a complete zombie...on the verge of sleepwalking. It's a miracle to me that I managed to eat my eggs without falling asleep

Luckily for me, we still had quite a long bus ride ahead of us before getting to Pattaya for four days of beach fun. 

On our way there, we passed a crocodile farm and of course we just had to get out and watch the little monsters. Those definitely aren't my favourite beasts; but it was still exciting to see them devour huge pieces of meat in just seconds. Or to see some out of their mind Thais stick their heads in the crocodile's mouth...

And then we finally got to our beach resort in Pattaya.  Of course I was pretty curious about the city, after all Pattaya has its reputation written all over it *LOL* But naturally our first concern was getting to the hotel. Our "Cosy Beach" hotel turned out not to have made up its name - it really was cosy with a very nice colonial style lobby and welcome drinks.

Also our room was more then perfect, apart from the fact there were only 2 beds, but that little error soon enough was solved :) At least we had a wonderfully large balcony with a magnificent view on the little islands in this part of the Gulf of Thailand.  

At long last, we could then fully start our vacation...
That was it...the perfect life... dozing off on a lounge chair underneath the palm trees. Sipping ice cold milk from a coconut... Radiohead's Amnesiac from my earphones... and if matters get too hot, the ultimate refreshing dive into the giant pool.  Why can't life be always this good?  Maybe because there ain't such thing as the perfect life... but at least this was coming dangerously close :)

Late afternoon it became windier and our stomach started protesting, so it was about time to hit the shower, dress up and explore the town. 

Pattaya...Pattaya.. .well where to start. Pattaya is a pretty recent tourist place. It all started out during the Vietnam war, when the guys from the close by American Navy Base came into town in search of sun, sand know... that's how the whole go-go bar industry started.  

In order to get from our hotel to down-town Pattaya, we had to cross South Pattaya's walking area. A fancy name to describe the red light district. All pretty funny again. Us three girls walking thru there. Just over here they didn't show us pictures of naked men as they did in Path Pong . Over here they were advertising for the lesbian...*LOL*  Needless to say we had our share of laughter. Why bother explaining we are as normal as can be when the entire area is crowded with single fellows in search of a misses... 

But eventually we made our way to the more "civilized" part of Pattaya where the nearby American base resulted in a wood of Mc Donald's, Pizza Huts, Baskin Robin's, Starbucks coffee shops etc...

It was obvious we wouldn't be hungry here and even better... we wouldn't have to eat rice here :))  Apart from various restaurants, bars and fast food places, the centre was full of little tourist shops and street vendors. Anyway, plenty of choices to keep us entertained all night.

Tired as we were, we didn't make it too late this 1st night and decided to take a cab back to the walk thru the red light district would be more than plenty...  

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photo by: Kju