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It just as well could have been any ordinary morning. It didn't feel at all like I would be on the other side of the globe in less than 24 hours; though  the suitcase in my room wasn't a fata morgana...but sweet reality. So after a quick e-mail check and a huge breakfast, it was time to leave for the meeting point in Antwerpen, from where the bus would take us to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. 

We were supposed to get our tickets on the bus from the ECU-travel representative. Now my colleague Serge already told me beforehand that he knew this guy, who is allegedly a real Casanova, and that I should pass him his greetings.

But it turned out this guy knew me by name, location...the full file. Obviously I suspected Serge of passing on all this info...but nope...after a little chat it started to dawn on me. This was the guy, nearly all my classmates were crazy about way back in my all girls, catholic, uniformed high school days. It's a small world after all!  

The 2 1/2 hour ride to Amsterdam flew by in no time as I slept my way thru it completely. And even at Schiphol it didn't take long before we could board the giant 747 of China Airlines. The flight on the other hand, crept by torturingly  slow; with an obnoxious Norwegian kid in front of me constantly running around (a tranquilliser in his coke wouldn't be a bad idea...) and 3 poor plotted movies of which "Sweet November" with eye-candy Keanu Reeves, was for obvious reasons easiest to bear.   Why does my short term memory only starts to recall that I totally hate those never ending intercontinental flights, after I already boarded the plane....? Anyway, it is a necessary evil to get places...

Though I cannot complain too much as I was blessed with an entertaining intermezzo. Flying somewhere over India or Pakistan, I needed to use the restroom and whilst waiting in line, I got to talking with a friendly Dutch guy. Obviously we talked about our motives for flying to Bangkok - what else does one talk about on a plane? And from there we talked about all our previous trips and exchanged valuable information about places to go.   We must have talked for almost 2 hours and it was already past midnight Belgian time when I finally returned to my seat and dozed off. Not for long though...less than an hour later I was brutally woken up by a flight attendant desperate to serve breakfast. Only the mere smell of fried rice and chicken at 4 AM Bangkok time is enough to make my stomach turn and with gathered force I manage to scoop up a strawberry flavoured yoghurt...fighting against sleep, though I manage to keep my eyes open until we eventually touch down in Bangkok.

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Amsterdam Schiphol
photo by: Paulovic