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Stepping off the plane the steps were icy and the runways were surrounded by snow. It was getting darker too. We arrived at the airport and began our trip. Guided by friendly Finns, we made our way to where we got changed into our ski suits and boots. It was manic. People everywhere frantically rushing around, grabbing their helmets and face masks ready for the skidoos parked outside.

After taking a couple of pictures outside, we boarded the sleighs where we were then covered in blankets. Shortly afterwards, the skidoos set off and we were on our way to ''Lapland''. We passed through the forest and continued for what felt like an eternity. It was freezing. As we picked up pace and the wind blew in our faces, it got colder and colder. We just wanted it to end.

We came to a stop and at last we thought we were there but we weren't, we had come to a hill which the sleighs couldn't get up and we had to get out and walk. Walking up a hill through a forest, surrounded by thick snow, in a completely different country to where we'd been in the morning was surreal.

Once we made it to the top of the hill, we were met by the skidoos and we were on our way again. We carried on for a short distance before crossing a main road, into another forest at the other side. We began to see signs for Lapland and we were almost there. A little bit further and we started stopping at various sites until we found our own. It was Lapland. After travelling for so long we had finally arrived.

We were greeted by a lady who told us what time to be back later that afternoon and pointed us in the direction of a warm drink. Off we went to the cabin for a drink, where we were served hot chocolate by elves. We stood by the open fire drinking our hot chocolate and talked about our plans. Once warm again, we ventured outside to start the activities.




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We made our way to Santas Grotto where my nephew would get to meet Santa and receive a present from him. On the way we saw a reindeer which we stopped to take a picture of. As it is so cold in Lapland and the cameras can freeze, we only took a quick photo before returning it to our bag. We joined a small queue outside the cabin and waited for our turn. By this point my nephew was very upset due to the cold but eventually, an elf came out and told us that Santa was ready for us. My nephew dried his tears and off we went to meet the man himself.

My sister took my nephew up and passed on a letter to Santa from a colleagues granddaughter. He kindly offered to have a picture taken with my sister as she handed over the letter. Once this was done, he took my nephews letter, sat him down on his lap and spoke to him for a few short minutes before presenting him with his present. We took a photo, said our goodbyes and we were on our way again much happier than when we went in!

After meeting Santa, we had a walk around and then decided to have a husky ride. Lined up were huskies, waiting for their next passengers. They were barking and raring to go. Myself, sister and nephew took to the sleigh, sat in single file with our legs around the person in front. We pulled away and continued to be pulled along as we went around a small, narrow, bendy track. It was great. I loved it, my sister and nephew loved it and the huskies themselves loved it. Afterwards we took a picture of the huskies and then set off for our next activity.

After walking around for a bit deciding what to do next, we spotted the reindeer rides. We excitedly went through the entrance to the track and were greeted by elves. As a sleigh only fits two people, my nephew and I went in one, and my sister in another. We climbed up onto the sleigh and sat nervously as the reindeer kept turning around, it's head getting closer and closer. A few short minutes past and we began our reindeer ride. It only lasted a short while but it was brilliant. We then got off and had yet another picture taken with the elf and the reindeer.

Unfortunately, the day was rapidly coming to an end and we only had time to visit the souvenir shop. We quickly made our way to the small shop, desperately searching for presents for our family back home and trying to find a souvenir of our own. I picked up a glittery crimson candle for my mum, a box of matches and some reindeer poo (sweets) for my dad and some shot glasses for my siblings. I purchased a shot glass for myself and a soft toy with ''Finland'' emblazoned on the front of the reindeer.

After paying at the till, we left the shop and made our way to the minibus parked at the top of a hill. Before leaving we jumped in the snow and messed around in what was our final minutes in Lapland. We walked around to the front of the minibus, got on and took our seats as we left a pitch, black Lapland and headed off back to Kittila airport.  

Globetrotter says:
Thank you for the lovely comment :)
Posted on: Sep 12, 2007
jenzar says:
This is a really good travel blog and very beautifully written about Lapland. You make it sound so magical! :]
Posted on: Sep 11, 2007

My sister was working in a travel agents and came across some brochures for day trips in Lapland. She mentioned it to me but I didn't think she was that serious at first. Sometime later, we were saving our money and making plans to book, we were going! We were finally doing what every child dreams of and going to the home of Santa... we were just slightly older than expected!

We booked our trip through her travel agents and the dream started to become a reality. Reading up on what we had to take was a bit daunting but very exciting. We went to Salisbury to buy our thermals, gloves, hats etc and I will never forget it. Going into Milletts and buying my pink furry hat will stay with me forever.

The day finally arrived when my nephew came to stay ready for our trip. We had decided previously to keep it a secret and we couldn't wait to tell him. We took him aside, gave him the brochure and stood and watched as his face lit up, he was speechless!

We had planned to have an early night but something came up and we didn't end up going to bed until 11/12 and had to be up at around 4 the following morning. I'm not a morning person anyway and I struggle to get up as it is but I made an exception this time!

As I climbed out of bed, it hit me that the day had finally arrived. We got washed, dressed and set off for the airport. Our flight was around 6 in the morning and the airport was deserted. We were all ready to go, we had our winter coats on, our warm clothes underneath and our rucksacks packed.

After a hot breakfast, possibly one of the worst I have ever had, we went to a bar to have a quick drink before the flight. It was then time to go to the departure lounge. As we were walking to the desk, I spotted a WH Smith nearby and I popped in quickly to get something. The queues were long though and by the time I got out, the queue at the check in desk had grown too. We had to join the back of the queue. This wasn't quite as bad as we first thought as when we boarded the plane, we found we were at the back, just in front of the toilets. 

We took our seats and sat in excitement as we were one step closer to our eagerly awaited trip! I sat in the window seat, my nephew in the middle seat and my sister sat in the aisle seat. During the flight, the air stewards and stewardesses donned Santa hats and got into the festive spirit. The children wrote letters to Santa and they sang Christmas songs at the front of the plane. The atmosphere was amazing. Towards the end of the three hour flight, we started getting ready for the inevitable weather. We put on our hats, scarves and gloves. Shortly later, we landed.

Globetrotter says:
Yeah, we flew from Bristol airport to Kittila airport in Finland. From there we got the skidoos through the forests to Lapland. Thanks for the smiles by the way, hope you enjoyed it. :)
Posted on: Nov 05, 2007
Amanda says:
So did you have a non stop flight from London to the final destination? And which airport in Lapland did you fly into?
Posted on: Nov 05, 2007
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