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My family members and I had been relaxing peacefully with a few adult beverages at our 3rd campsite when I bumped into some people we'd seen a number of times on the trail who were heading down another path.  I had no idea where they were going, so I asked.  Turns out we were camping a short walk from another Inca site.  We were all completely relaxed and exhausted and were tempted to not go to the site at all, but we eventually did.  We were not sorry about that, either.  What a site it was.

We all stood there in awe of how this site looked, how it looked to be positioned on the edge of a cliff, and how incredible it was to see the terraces that the Incans used for farming.  We were given a tour by our guide, who was really knowledgable about all of the sites and gave us a nice history talk.  After that we took plenty of time to wander through the site and take as many pictures as we could.  We also continued our relaxing (And adult beverage consumption) while lounging around on the terraces.  What a great end to a pretty grueling day.

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