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I slept straight through until around dawn when I awoke to the sound of rumbling of the bags on the picnic table. In my half sleep stupor, I hollered, "excuse me!", thinking someone was robbing us. I heard footsteps head off....or at least I think that's what I heard. When I finally got up at 8:30, I noticed that one of our bags was on the ground and a critter (probably the same one from the night before) had been eating the crumbs of the chip bag. I think the footsteps I heard were really a deer that was sticking its head in the garbage back (that was hanging from the canopy) and trying to nibble the few remaining kernels from the corn cobs.

After a quick breakfast of hash browns with scrambled eggs and loads of bacon (I didn't want to take it home), we packed up and headed back to the ferry dock. The 11:45 ferry only took 20 cars since it was full from Orcas Island. We just missed getting on by two cars....which means the two asshole cars that were in the wrong lane and barged in front of us got on in our place. Grrrrrr! So, we had to wait for the next ferry at 1:40. I was glad I brought a book with me since it kept me from getting too bored or antsy while waiting for the ferry. The donut I ate, though, sent my sugar skyrocketing, so I ended up sleeping most of the way home.

I really enjoyed my time on Lopez Island. There is a real sense of community there and I wouldn't mind retiring there sometime down the road.
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photo by: diisha392