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N65 4lanes

Living in De Reeshof, Tilburg, i frequently drive back to Schijndel for family visits.

I choose the N65 till Oisterwijk, and follow the small roads via Haaren and Boxtel. It's that first piece of N65 that gets me into trouble on my way back (Schijndel-Tilburg).

This is where the 80km road, turns into a 120 km highway. Which is a good thing; it's a 4lane road with exits on both sides. I do agree the cars (read: drivers) should be aware of this and allow others to peacefully take an exit. But after the start of the last exit before becoming an highway (120 km) THEY often use speedcamera's. Again, i am all for the speedlimit on this road, the road just seems to end later as i am aware of.

N65 'flitspaal' (speedcamera)

It felt like more often i got a speed ticket where i wasn't convinced i could be a hazard. So i kept score:

21 June 2009 (N65 rijksweg Hmp.16.4 richting Tilburg) 19.35h : 99 km/h corrected "80kmROAD" Euro 98,- (see picture;)16 August 2009 (N65 rijksweg Hmp.16.4 richting Tilburg) 19.37h : 97 km/h corrected "80kmROAD"  Euro 90,-

It´s no better if i take my motorbike, an even 85 gets me into trouble already.

Around this time major road constructions began and i choose a different routeplanning: via Waalwijk.  That is a cool road! ..or have i adjusted my speeds?.. No, just the process time for the tickets are taken longer here, they catch up with me eventually:(

Now it's June 2010 and i'm starting to collect speedtickets again:( 28 February 2010 (N65 rijksweg Hmp.

Also a N65, but much nicer road
16.4 richting tilburg) 19.11h  : 93 km/h corrected  "80kmROAD" Euro 67,- 1 March 2010 (N65 rijksweg Hmp.14.9 richting s'Hertogenbosch) 04.32h : 84 km/h corrected. "80kmROAD" Euro 23,-  

While travelling to Breda i get the feeling it is not only an N65 issue: 

Dorst: 19 January 2010 (N282 Rijksweg Thv huisnr.98a Dorst) 12.25h : 55 km/h corrected "50kmROAD" Euro   30,- Tilburg: 26 July 2009 (Burg Bechtweg Tilburg) 20.01h : 103 km/h corrected  "80kmROAD" Euro  134,- Dorst: 25 June 2009 (N282 Rijksweg Thv huisnr.98a Dorst) 15.46h : 54 km/h corrected "50kmROAD" Euro  19,-

Still, i do believe sometimes i don't deserve some of these tickets.

Also N65, but a cool airfield in US.
OK with a 50km- road you shouldn't go 55, but with an 80kmroad going onto a 120km highway, what's a 5km more.. Ai, i hear voices; it's the 10km+ speedings THEY want to prevent. mmmmh. 

Though, the high chieves have come up with a solution: changing the maximum speed on highways to 130 km (this was 100 or 120). Oh boy, so i have to go faster, even.

It is no use to overtake a car on the highway with approximately the same speed. You should speed up to avoid unnecessary occupation of 2nd lane, right?

See my review as i calculate my savings.                                   

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N65 4lanes
N65 4lanes
N65 flitspaal (speedcamera)
N65 'flitspaal' (speedcamera)
Also a N65, but much nicer road
Also a N65, but much nicer road
Also N65, but a cool airfield in U…
Also N65, but a cool airfield in …
photo by: clouds2008