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Genocide Memorial

The Tsitsernakaberd Memorial is dedicated to the more than one million victims of the Armenian Genocide, during the last stages of the Ottoman Empire and during the Great War period. The most brutal government minister coordinating the systematic eradication of the Armenian population was Enver Pasha. A savage war-monger, Enver Pasha pushed the Ottoman Empire into the Great War, by allowing German warships through the Dardanelles, without the approval of his government. He followed this up by an ill-planned attack on the Russian Army in the Caucasus. His army nearly destroyed, he blamed his defeat on the local Armenian population, who had sympathies with the Russians, and started his eradication plans. Enver Pasha was so savage in his eradication that he recruited psychotic killers from prison to run his “Special Organisation”. The new Turkish government court-marshaled for “plunging the country into war without a legitimate reason, forced deportation of Armenians and leaving the country without permission”, and sentenced him to death, but he managed to escape.


Today the Turkish government has retreated somewhat from this position, acknowledging the wide-spread death of the Armenian people within the Ottoman Empire, but denying that it was part of a deliberate intent to eradicate and instead characterising it as part of the intra-ethnic violence of the Empire in its closing hours. This retreat from recognising the genocide is the overwhelming reason for the closed border between Armenia and Turkey. Unfortunately this issue does not appear to be dying down with time, instead the positions appear to be becoming more and more entrenched on both sides. The official tour guide of Tsitsernakaberd even went so far as to tell us that the 2002 conversion of an empty Armenian Church into a Mosque was part of the ongoing cultural genocide of Armenians being carried out by the current Turkish government.

Adrian_Liston says:
It is a very somber memorial.
Posted on: Jun 18, 2010
Vlindeke says:
Must have been an impressive visit.
Posted on: Jun 18, 2010
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Genocide Memorial
Genocide Memorial
photo by: jose28