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Today we went along the Great Ocean Road. To start off, it was a pretty horrible day weather wise. It was cloudy and rainy pretty much the entire ride which killed it. Second, 18 people were stuck in a tiny, cold bus for 12 hours driving around in that weather. Jacqui was our driver for the trip. She was nice and funny but the trip, honestly, was way too long. About a quarter way through it i wanted to turn back and see the city. Once we got to the 12 apostles, it was rather anticlimactic. The placed was cool but it was cold and over cast. Dan and I got to go on the helicopter ride which was rather a disappointment for me too. I was expecting so much more but all we did was go up in the air, hover over the rocks, and come back. It was way too short.
One of the funniest parts of the trip is when Dan and I went to eat lunch. We searched for a while for a place to get a sandwich and we finally found a reasonable one at this place called the Bay Leaf. First off the lady was a bitch. She was angry the entire time she served us and really didn't serve us at all. The food was shitty to top it all off. Well, it turns out that we didn't pay attention to the signs around us.... Once we sat down we noticed that a bunch of women were coming in and we were the only men. I brought this up and Dan and I were just joking around with the idea that it was because we were men we were getting treated badly. Once we went to pay we noticed the naked lady painting in all here glory with the rainbow flag strewn across her... I'm guessing it was a lesbian joint. The best part of the trip was seeing London Bridge. It was rather spectacular but it was cold there. All in all this day seemed like kind of a waste. We both agree that walking around the city and seeing an Aussie rules football game would have been better but i guess that's how it goes.
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photo by: jendara