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So the first impression from the airport was decent. The guy who picked us up was very helpful and knowledgeable about the area. He chatted with us a bit about country politics and showed us some places to eat and check out. Once we got to the hotel things kind of went down hill. The hotel room first off is pretty small and weirdly put together. I have never been in one quite like it. We are also right next to one of the main train stations so it's pretty noisy all the time. Plus there is this sign right outside our window that blinks on and off all night. This is probably the shittist hotel I have been in and I'm sure Dan agrees. The first night we could not even get on the internet and the service was terrible while trying to get it up. We went out to go get some food and walked around for a while trying to find this Italian restaurant the guy who brought us here told us to go to.
Well, we couldn't find it so we settled for some burgers and went back and slept. Today we went on our trip to see the penguins, kangaroos, Koalas, and wombats. It was awesome seeing the wombats and kangaroos on our first stop of the tour. They were very used to humans so we could come up very close and pet them and feed them. While we stopped I tried to use a whip unsuccessfully and whacked myself a couple times with it. after that we went and saw the Koalas. They were asleep in the trees just hanging out. We were not able to touch the because we would transmit diseases to them if we did which was disconcerting. The next stop we went to Philip Island to see the penguins. We got to go to the Plus viewing platform where most of the penguins walked by which was awesome. They would walk up to a certain point, stop for a while, shake, then move into various directions to there respective burrows. Sadly, we couldn't take pictures because it would cause optical damage to the birds. Tomorrow, we take a trip to the great ocean road and the 12 apostles. Hopefully it's as cool as today was.
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Melbourne Hotels & Accommodations review
Place sucks! It's right by the main train station and that means it's noisy all the time! There is also a sign just outside most of the windows which … read entire review
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