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mom, why did you leave me???
It was still dark when we arrived in Lima. Before leaving Huancayo we hired a cab and he was there waiting for us, how cool! After a small detour, I arrived back home. So good I had my keys with me; otherwise it'd have taken long until somebody opened the door. Monday mornings are usually very busy. The minute I crossed the door, somebody got super excited. Who was this person? Gunthercito!!!!!!

After leaving my backpack, I went straight to the kitchen and there I saw my parents and Gunther!!! We didn't have much time to talk since they had to get ready for work. Gunther and me were playing for a while and then I went upstairs for a quick shower. Gunther was following me the whole time. He was waiting for me behind the door of the bathroom. He wanted to be sure I wouldn't go anywhere, haha.

I was a bit sleepy but decided not to take a nap, I had tons of things to do and can't afford wasting time. I was at home when I got a message from Nathan asking me for a picture of the processions in Huancavelica. I sent him one and a few minutes later I got an email saying my picture was the picture of the day in the website I write for. Great!!!!
First writer and now photographer, hahaha. Will keep on writing while in Oz, that's for sure!

This was a very good trip and an awesome way to say Good Bye to my beloved Perucito. See you soon!!!
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mom, why did you leave me???
mom, why did you leave me???
Gunther wanted to be sure I wouldn…
Gunther wanted to be sure I would…
photo by: rsvpme