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View of KL from Penthouse.
As everyone who reads this will probably realise fairly soon (yes, I mean all three of you!), this is my first time writing blog. I apologise in advanced for any spelling mistakes / random tangents I go off on when talking about food. You have been warned.

First, an introduction. My name is Emily, and I'm a 19 year old Australian girl. I was bitten by the travelling bug at the young age of 15 (a rarity in my family, none of which who own passports) and worked various menial and underpaid jobs in retail to support my overseas jaunts. And by "jaunts" I mean three trips to Japan and one trip with my Japanese school to Beijing. It was time to start expanding and fulfilling my desire to see every country in the world before I died.

One day I happened to come across the Air Asia website during their "free seat sale" in November 2009.
It's like jungle meets city!
I figured, "why not?" and over the next two days made enough rough calculations to plan a 2 month trip over South East Asia, and booked my tickets there and then. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have been so hasty...

After spending another 3 months in Japan roaming around and working for food and board, I flew back to Australia and had just two weeks to prepare myself for my upcoming trip. During this time I worked fulltime at a fast-food resteraunt to desperately earn back some of the money Japan had sucked out of my bank account (easily over $1,000, yikes!) while arranging for a $355 replacement passport and camera, ect. (My handbag was stolen in a hostel in Okinawa. Never saw it coming.)

And now, enough of an introduction, and onto the interesting stuff- Malaysia! o/

Arriving bright and early at Melbourne airport on the 10th of June I discovered that Air Asia had 'forgotten' to inform everyone that the flight to KL was now leaving eight hours later, at 4.
But it started raining very soon... D:
30pm. Which meant I was in store for a long, looong wait at the airport!
But considering the price I paid, I can't complain. The airline got us there in one piece, and that's good enough for me.
On my way here, I swore to myself that no matter how crazy or weird it was, I was going to try everything new I possibly could. I wanted this to be the trip of a lifetime.

On arrivng I also learnt quickly what no amount of research can prepare you for- MALAYSIA. IS. HOT!!!

What I found ironic was after I bartered (fairly badly, too) 20 RM for the fare for a taxi to take 4 of us to Chinatown from KL Sentral, the taxi we rode in had a large red sticker pasted on the doors; "This is a metered taxi. No haggling"! o_O

I eventually found myself a cheap hostel in the middle of Chinatown.
Tattoo! He missed a stroke though, so I had to go back and get it done later. -_-"
I fell into bed and passed out, since it was 3am my time.

The next morning I awoke to explore the wonders of Chinatown. Stalls litter the streets, all filled with knock-off of brand named goods my sisters would kill to own. You can't wander around without the salesmen screaming "PRETTY LADY!! YOU BUY MY *brandname* STUFF!! YOU WANT WATCH!? ROLEX!?" at you. It's quite an expierence, if a bizarre feeling to be seen as a wallet on legs. I idly picked up a Hello Kitty wallet and asked how much it was- the salesmen dropped the price for 45RM to 25RM in the space of a few seconds, once I said I was only looking. Makes me wonder how much of a mark-up these goods have...?

I made friends with two guys from Manchester, and we explored Chinatown together. Adam, the younger of the pair, mentioned he'd like to find a tattoo parlour, as it was their last day in Malaysia. After some searching we found a tattoo parlour tucked down an alleyway called "VTattoo", and Adam decided on a large tribal design on his left forearm. He was so tense his arm was shaking, but I was more nervous about it than he was!
(Hey, I have a thing about needles...)
During the two hours it took I started thinking. Adam said it wasn't as painful as people think (a total lie) and I'd always had a vague plan of eventually getting a tattoo- possibly when they invented the technology to give you one while asleep. The tattoo artist said he'd give me a discount and I could see he ran a clean operation, so why not? I remembered my promise to myself. I decided to give it a shot.

Presenting- my shoulder tattoo, for 140 RM. Hurt like a bitch but totally worth it.

Later that day, my food-obsessed friend I'd met in Japan four years ago, Flory, picked me up with her driver and took me to her penthouse. What followed was four blissful days of streetfood and bad puns. And Durian, my sworn enemy.

Since I'm sure my three readers has now decreased to one slogging it through after reading such a boring blog, I'll leave that to continue another day...

See you on the flip side!
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View of KL from Penthouse.
View of KL from Penthouse.
Its like jungle meets city!
It's like jungle meets city!
But it started raining very soon..…
But it started raining very soon.…
Tattoo! He missed a stroke though,…
Tattoo! He missed a stroke though…