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They woke up very early to catch the 6.20am bus to JiaoXi.  One of them decided to go to the toilet again and at the same time, the bus is ready for boarding.  Finally, when all of them managed to board the bus, they were on an uneventful journey to Yilan

The journey from Taipei and Yilan has shorten due to a Xueshan Tunnel, which only opened recently, hence, it would be more wide to take a bus there, instead of the train, as the train took a detour up north before going south.

It was less than an hour when we reached JiaoXi, famous for its hot spring.  The town was  still sleeping, but the three were lucky enough to catch a taxi to bring them to Toucheng, where Wushi Habour is located for their planned whale watching activity.
  The Turtle island is nearest to Toucheng and has been an icon to the Yilan resident for many years.  From afar, one can see the turtle island and it is said that the Turtle island is a guardian of Yilan.

In actual fact, Turtle island was formed due to the hyper geographical activity beneath the sea.  The head of the turtle faces to the Pacific ocean and a long sand beach (It was a natural formation but I forgot what it is called) that represents the tail faces Yilan.  Due to the changing sea level, the long beach will change it's orientation with regards to the main island body.  This gives the impression that the Turtle is sweeping the tail side to side.

Anyway, the three managed to get onto a boat and they headed to the sea to catch some whales. It didnt take long for them to see flying fish, as they were in season.
  Many times, the crew and the people on board the boat mistook the waves as the whales surfacing to change breath.  However, all was not lost when finally, they caught sight of about 2 hundered bottlenose dolphin swimming in a distance.  They caught up and managed to see the dolphins interact and play amongst themselves.  Bottlenose dolphins love to show off, and many of them spinned themselves.  The three had a busy time trying to take pictures and videos of the dolphins performing, trying to interach with those that were swimming just below the boat, trying to see if they can catch a glimpse of baby dolphins and also listening to them changin breath as they dolphins swam near them. 

After an exciting dolphin encounter, the boat travelled around Turtle Island and explained the history and geographical features of the island.
  What is amazing is the underwater hotspring, one of the four around the world.  As the boat travelled into the area, the colour of the water turned from black to light blue.  No organisms can live in the high temperature environment and the sulphuric smell was strong.  There were bubbles from the underwater hot spring.

After the amazing oceanic encounter, the people there were kind enough to give them a ride to Toucheng Train station.  As there was still time to catch the next trrain, the three had a generous meal of sizzling hotplate and the best pudding they have ever ate.   It was then they realised they cannot do rafting at Hualien.  All three were defeated by their own bodies.

Anyway, they arrived at Hualien and were greeted by the staff of Bayview hotel.
  Bayview hotel was located in Qi Xing Tan.  After checking in and checking out the hotel room and facilities, they roamed about Qi Xing Tan, admired the beautiful sunset by the mountain and thought of their contingency plan for the next day's activities as they ate icecream and admired a turkey in a local farm.

Though they were unable to do rafting and were too late to catch the firefly season, they decided to visit the famous Taroko Gorge.  What could await them at the mysterious National Park the next day?  They had no idea.
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Erm....egg and spring onion?
Erm....egg and spring onion?
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The head to the left, body and sh…
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See the colour of the water near …
Bayview Hotel
Bayview Hotel
photo by: seahlk