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Anticipating that many people would be heading back to Trèbes, we were up at 7:30 so as to get through the first lock ahead of the pack.  It turns out we needn't have worried; traffic was about as light as we’d seen.  The Aussies were moored on the other side of the basin and followed us into the lock.  They were followed by a sailboat but it must have then moored somewhere as we never saw it until hours later. Thorough most of the locks it was just us and the Aussies. Given the number of boats on the canal, it's strange how often we locked together with no planning whatever.  We were further fortunate in that most locks were open to us as we arrived so we just entered and locked through.  Locking down is much easier than up! 

As a result of all this, we were making excellent time.

On the right, the éclusier with perfect English (see Trèbes, 6/16)
  We had provisions for lunch and saw no reason to rush back to Trèbes just to sit at the port.  Consequently, at the last lock, we told Bryce to pass us by when we slowed as we were going to tie up for a while.

What ensued was one of the most pleasant times we've had on any vacation. Earl found a pleasant spot to tie up and we just chilled. We first had a bottle of wine, then I went for a stroll with my camera while all the others took a nap. When I got back I read until the others awoke. Eventually we had lunch and more wine, then chilled some more.  In all, we were there from about 11:30 to 5:00! 
Alas, all good things end so we eventually pulled out and headed for Trèbes. There was damned little room to moor but we shoved in at the end. 

After sitting some more, we walked around to find a restaurant,  ending at Trattoria Napoli on the other side of the canal.  I had magret du carnard and it was only OK.  When we got back to the boat, the silence was marred by the World Cup on TV in the wine bar across from the boat.  Fortunately, things settled down before too long.  We packed as far as possible and yet again crashed at about 11. Man, a schedule on vacation??
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On the right, the éclusier with p…
On the right, the éclusier with …
The Aussies pass us for the last t…
The Aussies pass us for the last …
Chilling out with a bit of wine.
Chilling out with a bit of wine.
The Le Boat base at Trèbes
The Le Boat base at Trèbes
photo by: jhwelsch