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Hodmezovasarhely is the name of Szabs' home town. It's quite undensley populated, but large nonetheless considering its distance from Budapest, and the next nearest city of Szeged where we had to change trains from the main line out of the capital. Greeted with a couple of Szabs' mates who provided lifts from the train stop, 9 of us, untied by the adrenalin of being out of Blighty, further consololdated by the previous night's Palnikas (national drink of Hungary made from stoned fruits), we found ourselves in a rather modest appartment 'complex', complete with modest pool, modest bar, and modest prices. All in all an excellent choice by our host Szabs, who, after 12 years in the UK, finds herself reacquainting herself with her hometown every time she returns.

The local beers are bottled and fresh on the tongue in the June sun of south-eastern Hunguary as we supped round the pool before meeting up wiht Szabs' family and freinds at a restaurant down the road where an old friend of hers works. More meat, beers, and paralingustic commucation scaffolded with a few basic English phrases with Szabs' father and brother provided more than a few lughs as the 9 travellers conversed with the locals, our cultures bridged by the occassion and appreciation of those who had made the journey to celebrate Szabs' 30th.

After the restaurant, we departed for the town hall which Szabs had hired out for her party, not forgetting a brief guided tour and brief description of the local landmarks delivered by her brother, whose English is, excluding Szabs of course, by far the most effective. Greeted with cheesey music and a slide show of embarrassing photos of Szabs over the years, we drank hard and, through the medium of pissed up dancing and knocking back Palinka after Palinka, enjoyed the company of Szabs old school freinds.

Another night, another hang over the next day...
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