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I have been collecting bookmarks since the university times..Currently I didnt count how many I have,but last time when I did,it was over 4.000 bookmarks..I have some with me which I got a few of them from TBs. SO see the world thru bookmarks. THANKS FOR ALL THE TRAVBUDDIES who contrubitued for my collection

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June 11th, 2010Taiwan
June 11th, 2010Sri Lanka
June 11th, 2010United Kingdom
June 11th, 2010United States
June 11th, 2010Ireland
June 11th, 2010Leipzig, Germany
June 11th, 2010Vienna, Austria
June 11th, 2010Netherlands
June 11th, 2010Iran
June 11th, 2010Izmit, Turkey
June 11th, 2010Istanbul, Turkey