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We woke up pretty early. And ate some toast/jam with some coffee and listened to the animal party below us. While chillin eating breakfast we met some folks who were going zip lining, so we would also go zip lining, seemed like a good idea.It turned out to be a great idea and was a first class operation all the way.

During the day we decided that we would leave Manuel Antonio in the
morning and go to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side. We had heard too
much good word of this town not to check it out. So as it was our last
night we would have to go for a night out on the town. BK, Coney,myself, and a few other folks all went out to a bar/casino down the
street- it was a lively joint with cheap drinks.
Once we were at the bar we ran into the locals from the beach and started partying with them.
All our peeps from the hostel were looking to go home but we wanted to keep the party going so we rolled down to a club in Quepos with the locals. Quepos was pretty weird at night. The place we arrived at had an old school disco floor with the different color squares that all lit up- that was cool. BK ended up dancing the night away and eventually dropped a lady, that was referred to as Grandma on the disco floor- she was alright. Eventually it was time to roll and our ride there had bounced on us, so we took a ride with some other guy who had been hanging around the discoteq. Bad idea- his first trip was straight to the gas station where he hit us up for gas money and bought some beers, then he tried to drop us off back in Quepos, then his old truck was barely able to make it up the hill, and once we arrived at our hostel he claimed it was broke down. This was around 4:30am, his main goal was to squeeze a payout for the ride that he offered for free and until we paid he would not quit making a stink in the parking lot- this went on for a while with much arguing, a lot of car hood opening and closing, and then me eventual giving him some more money to get the hell out of there. Our plan was to be on the early bus back to San Jose to go to Puerto Viejo, we had arranged for a cab to pick us up and take us to the bus station in Quepos very early, this was gonna be a long day.
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