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So there i stood like a little lost kitten at the airport, thinking what in the world am i doing to myself when i can be sleeping comfortably at home. So much for the thrills of travelling huh? But then, i asked myself.. would i have this experience if i have not come? Probably never, and it's quite an adventure i had on that flight. I dont think i mentioned this on the previous blog but the plane that finally came after 10hours.. it flew for like 1 hour and then it goes cuckoo.. as in "Final Destination" kinda cuckoo.. I thought i was gonna die.

We had to return to KL and waited for another plane. I think the Captain on board said there was something wrong but i wasnt paying so much attention, i was thinking how am i gonna survive if we crashed in the middle of the South China Seas ( i cant swim :S ).

With all that happening, it is no surprise that i couldnt see Jonathan when he was standing right in front of me. Yes, he was there waiting for me at the airport. I had to look twice before registering that it was really him there! And it took him only one smile and an open arm. Next thing i know, i was in his arms with blurry eyes.. (No i did not cry, it was just blurry..)

First thing he said was, we got two options.. lol. We could either stay here and wait till 6am till the train start or get a taxi to Beijing. It was already 2am, and i thought we could sit and just wait till 6am.. I needed to SIT DOWN.. but Jonathan insisted on taking a taxi. I think he saw how distressed i looked =) or maybe cuz he was tired too. I cant believe he waited for me!

We went out and there's a line of taxis waiting for passengers.

What i didnt expect was the harsh haggling that was gonna take place.. He said the price was gonna be 300yuan but the taxi driver said he wanted no less than 500yuan.. and both keep repeating the same dialogue over and over again.. I was standing there, tired with my heavy backpack on. I was just gonna pay the man and get on with it. But no.. male ego.. They kept arguing for a good 20mins when another taxi driver joined in and he finally got in a loud yelling argument with Taxi Driver No1, and the next thing i know.. Jonathan said we are gonna go with Taxi Drive No2. Apparently he offerred to take us there for 400yuan.

And i thought that was the end of it.. but NO the saga continues.. After sitting in the non-moving taxi for about 15mins, No2 came and asked us to get out from the taxi.

Not politely.. but shouting.. OUT! OUT! My gosh.. these people are talking like they're fighting! He said the price was too low, he changed his mind? what? changed his mind? and kicked us out just like that??!! Can taxi drivers do that? Maybe they can in China..

Oh well, i'm tired.. my mind is shutting off.. In the end, we got on a taxi with the help of a local girl. She shared the fare as her house was on the way. About 30mins after dropping off the girl, the No2 stopped the car by the highway and said, he could only drive us until here.. what?? Oh god.. is this a habit for taxi drivers here? to say OUT!!! OUT!!! OUT!!?? customer service? i would say zero..

With broken Mandarin, i tried to reason with him that we were not from China and we did not know how to get to our hostel from there.

I pleaded for him to send us with puppy eyes.. That does the trick! lol He didnt send us but he got another cab to send us... Total cost? More than 500yuan cuz we had to pay him and the other cab.. I was tired, i didnt really care much. And Jonathan realized that he lost his wallet! He must've dropped it in Taxi No1, because we searched Taxi No2 and it was not there.

At this point, nothing surprises me anymore.. Sleep came sooner than i thought.. I had no time to see if the bed suits me or not.

When u r dead tired like that, u couldnt care less.. U Just ZZzzzzz  zzz...

beetles108 says:
Sorry to hear your bad experiences.
In fact, I had a bad experience when I was trying to catch a taxi at the Beijing airport too.
Anyway, great feature!
Posted on: Jun 22, 2010
ratu says:
What a begining!
Posted on: Jun 21, 2010
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