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Waiting.. and waiting!!

When it's cheap, you cant really complain, can u? My flight to Tianjin was scheduled to depart from LCCT Kuala Lumpur at 8.30am(30th May 2010) and arrive at Tianjin Binhai International Airport at 2.35pm (30th May 2010). I woke up at 4.00am and fought my way through my batting eyelids to the airport eager to fly out to China. I never thought much about FLIGHT DELAYS, and i never thought it would happen to me..  and i obviously never thought it would be a 10 HOURS DELAY because i had put on casual T and shorts (summer in China). I thought it'll be hot there. Guess what? I thought wrong..

I was already freezing near death in the airplane when the Flight Captain happily announced that the weather in Tianjin is forecasted to be 17degree celcius.

No plane yet!!
. oh boy.. Normal temperature in Malaysia is 28degree celcius. Great, i thought. Me and my clever "summertime" attire. Slowly, i began cursing myself :)

I think what makes me shiver more is the feeling of nothingness.. For once in my life, i had no plans whatsoever.. My friend was already in China and so he said i didnt have to book any room as they've got rooms already. And he was gonna come meet me at the airport. So, i didnt really have anything planned than to meet him at the airport. But all that was planned without taking in consideration the "FLIGHT DELAY". And i dont know how much of a friend he is to be waiting for me alone at the airport from 2pm to 2am.

As i stepped down from the plane, many thoughts run through my mind. Flashes of possible scenarios for the night haunted my mind. I was alone in a foreign country at 2am, without a place to stay, with no transportation to Beijing, with my barely passable Mandarin. What's the worst that could happen? I asked myself.  I'd just sleep in the airport... I pleaded simultanously in my heart to all the ghosts in Tianjin airport (if there's any) to leave me alone that nite and to God for protecting me against the ghost. Yup, i was on the verge of going crazy.. talking to God and ghosts at the same time.. I must be...  :(  Most of all, i was afraid, scared, terrified to the core..

I didnt even realize that i was passing through the Chinese Immigration checks until to the last point when a lady Officer stopped me. And i thought SSSHIT! She was looking stern and took me to a corner. I'm the only one being stopped. I must be looking terrible. What do one do in this kind of situation? SMILE of course!! So, i smiled like i never smiled before, i think i showed her all my teeth.. lol

She had no choice but to smile back :D Then, she began to soften a little. She asked me why i am in China and about the places i wanted to visit, and how long would i be staying. I was released somewhere between my chatterings about visiting the Summer Palace and the Great Wall, i think.. (it all happened so quickly and i was not 100% a SANE person then)

So there i was walking into the arrival hall. My eyes, desperately looking for my friend, Jonathan  but he's not there..

tasha_83 says:
Beijing is a nice place.. But try to go there during April - June. Coz i heard that the weather can be very cold at some months..
Posted on: Jun 13, 2011
soonthiam says:
I plan to visit Beijing.I will takenote of your experience.:)
Posted on: Jun 12, 2011
tasha_83 says:
Haha.. yes, i'll bundle up the next time i travel..;p
Posted on: Jun 21, 2010
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Waiting.. and waiting!!
Waiting.. and waiting!!
No plane yet!!
No plane yet!!
photo by: Deats