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the Salazar Team! We rock!!!
This would be my last day in Lima and I could hardly believe it was already happening. Bye bye comfy bed was the first thing I thought when I opened my eyes in the morning. The night before I went with my parents and brother for a nice dinner. I went to bed late, but was too excited to sleep and woke up before the alarm sounded.

As usual went downstairs and had coca tea for breakfast. My parents and brother left while I was still working on my carry on. Oh well, better to take a break and the best way to do it was going to the gym. That always relaxes me. It was time to say good bye to my gym friends and trainer. Well,  I couldn't help it to get emotional... even when I was saying good bye to the lady who used to wash my car :(

Back at home I got a message from my mom.
is mom the one who would go to L.A?
She'd take 1/2 day off just to help me to close my suitcases, yay! For lunch I had the things I'd miss the most: Cebiche (from one of my favorite places near my house), home made quinoa and "chicha morada" (purple corn soft drink) to drink. It was so yummy and sharing lunch with my parents made things better.

Now it was time to close the suitcases. Wow, there was a lot of stuff, but would it be enough for a year??? Hope so... I was ready to go and had some free time. Well, I checked my email and created mom a FB account so she can see my pictures. Then we had a bowl of soup and some toasted corn, tasty!!!

My dad has been telling me the whole day he wanted to leave super early. I was making fun of him, but so good I did what he suggested. The drive to the airport was quick and there was no line for the check-in.
with my mom!!!
So I considered myself lucky until the girl at the counter told me she couldn't find my reservation. Gulp!!!

Her supervisor came and double checked it. No ticket! This was the 1st time I printed the payment voucher. So glad I did so! Apparently there was a problem with the communication between the bank and the airline, so they never issued a ticket for me. My parents were worried and I called them to let them know what was going on. At this point the team work started.

Dad's Intervention: I was determined to leave that night, so just in case I asked my dad to go and ask if there were tickets available and how much they cost. US$ 2,600!!! How crazy!!! Once my dad left the check-in area he couldn't come back again... But my brother arrived and joined him.
allowed to be at the check in area

Mom's turn: I asked mom to approach to the counter. The supervisor told me they'd reissue my ticket but I couldn't leave my bags, so mom would take my place in the line. A guardian wanted to stop her, but she said: "I'm going to L.A." and kept on walking without hesitations. Mom's power!
The supervisor needed my frequent flier number since I paid for the flight with miles. I didn't have the number with me. I had to go somewhere with wi-fi to be able to find this number, grrr. Mom staid at the line while I left.

And now my brother... well, first of all I have to admit that my brother and I aren't as close as we should be - or as I'd like - but this is another story. Anyway, when I needed him, he was there for me.
Separated by that barrier, but always together!
I found a place with internet. It was expensive, but at that point the price was I least care about. I got the number and tried to give it to my mom, but she didn't have a pen to write and I couldn't txt it, so I gave my brother a piece of paper and he ran downstairs to deliver it to my mom. Thanks bro!

Not just the 4 of us went to the airport, but also my aunt and Nathan - yes a whole crew, haha. Nathan was amazed by Salazar family team work. Yep! Welcome to a regular day for Yadi's family. The supervisor got my frequent flier number and told me to wait while she'd reissue the ticket. That would take quite long, but at least I had some time. She also told me I wouldn't need to make the line again, she'd call for me, sweet!

Well, things were finally working and after all the tension I was just laughing.
A happy Good bye! Dad, mom, aunt Monica, me & Nathan
So good I listened to my dad and went early to the airport; otherwise I wouldn't have been able to make it. And the idea of going back home that night wasn't appealing at all. Furthermore, there were people waiting for me in L.A., including a Meet Up! The whole team got together, well separated by a security band. Just the passengers where supposed to in the check in area, but my mom, my aunt and Nathan were also here. They were lucky the security did let them go inside. And I was lucky they could be with me. Now we all were laughing and telling airport stories. After a while the supervisor called my name and I approached to the counter, actually mom & I did it. They took my bags and I was ready to leave.

Well the adventure couldn't have had a better start: a bit of drama & comedy. It was great to have some team work and this episode helped to relief all the tension of the good bye. There was no time to get emotional and left with a huge smile, just the way I want my family to remind me until I'm back.

Going through security and customs was super easy and didn't take long at all. Once at my gate I called my parents for the proper Good Bye. Well, time to board. Good bye Lima, see you in a year :)

yadilitta says:
I know... it was a crazy start of the adventure :)
Posted on: Jun 30, 2010
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the Salazar Team! We rock!!!
the Salazar Team! We rock!!!
is mom the one who would go to L.A?
is mom the one who would go to L.A?
with my mom!!!
with my mom!!!
allowed to be at the check in area
allowed to be at the check in area
Separated by that barrier, but alw…
Separated by that barrier, but al…
A happy Good bye! Dad, mom, aunt M…
A happy Good bye! Dad, mom, aunt …
My brother, mom, aunt Monica, me &…
My brother, mom, aunt Monica, me …
finally my luggage was taken...
finally my luggage was taken...
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