First day in Oz and didn't take a nap :)

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my bed!!!! Minigunther & Hello Kitty PJ's
Craig wasn't living in the city, but in a suburb called Thornside. Yes, it's not that close to the city, but the place is lovely and quiet. Plus the house was awesome! Definitely I'd like my home for the next 2 weeks.

It was about 8:30am when we arrived to his place and we have already talked about the fact that no matter how tired I felt, I wouldn't take a nap. So I'd be able to sleep at night. Craig gave me a tour through the house. It was great! And I even got my own room with my own bathroom, sweet!
Once at my room, I opened my big bag to look for the pisco bottle and found something that shouldn't be there: coca tea! I thought I left all of the tea bags in L.A. Oh well, accidentally 4 tea bags made it to Oz, hehe.

I took a shower and was feeling much better.
cheers mate! first beer in Oz ;)
I grabbed the Pisco bottle and the box of Sublime chocolates and went upstairs where Craig was waiting for me with a nice cup of coffee. Yes! Coffee + shower was what I needed to feel back to live! While I was having my coffee, Craig was eating the Sublime chocolate. He specially asked me for them since he has been craving for them since he left Peru, hehe.

Well, it was early and we'd drive around to check my new neighborhood. I also wanted to check laptops and prices. We were back at home almost at 1pm, lunch time! We had something light, some veggies, and my 1st Australian beer, yay! Now, I'm becoming a local. The rest of the day was just about chilling out at home.

I started unpacking my stuff and organizing my new room. It was so nice having my own bathroom, so I could place all my girly stuff, hahaha.
Dinner was served: Indian food, yay!
Craig came downstairs and laughed when he saw the room. "Do you realize you'll be here just temporary?" I know, I know, but it didn't mean things should be inside a suitcase the whole time. I even used part of the closet ;)

While I was organizing the room, Craig was cooking. For dinner we had Indian food: Vandaloo Chicken. It was so yummy. A bit spicy, but very tasty. We both were in tears but couldn't help it to keep on eating, hahaha. After that we tried to watch a movie. I say tried because I couldn't do it. It was 8pm and I was exhausted... well, I did it pretty ok for the 1st day, didn't take a nap and stayed awake until it was dark... now I was ready for my 1st night in Australia. G'night!
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my bed!!!! Minigunther & Hello Kit…
my bed!!!! Minigunther & Hello Ki…
cheers mate! first beer in Oz ;)
cheers mate! first beer in Oz ;)
Dinner was served: Indian food, ya…
Dinner was served: Indian food, y…
a coffee to recharge batteries :)
a coffee to recharge batteries :)
how did they end up here?
how did they end up here?
photo by: yadilitta