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Awesome long stretch of shoreline
So this post continues the previous story. Once we reach the jetty, we were greeted by warm welcoming people, we carry our back and walk our way up to the land. I was mesmerised by the beauty of the island and was looking at the sea most of the time and turning around looking at the hills of the island which then leads to a near fall! I step into a hole and I nearly fall face down on the floor and taste how Tioman soil was like. Soon after that, we were handled small paper written promotion of activities in Tioman, the handler were asking us to join their package or services. Anyhow, we weren't much interested about it at first, so we decided just to take up the service that send us to swiss cottage inn.
This is the view behind my chalets.. spectacular.

Along the way, the driver name Pak Su was telling us and convincing us to join his offer and package for the services. Not knowing what to do later for the afternoon, we soon ask how much it is for snorkelling. It was a total of RM 70 for 6 diving spots, it seems like a good offer and we didn't have any idea what to do later, we agreed on the offer. We reach our cottage in a breeze, we check in, left our bags in the room. The downside of it thou was that the room that I chose had a broken air condition unit hence we were gonna survive with the fan, hence I paid less compare to our friends that were staying in the air conditioned one. Three of us sharing a room, with a comfortable queen size bed and a foldable single bed, attach with a clean bathroom, there's wasn't anything to pick about the room, it was all nice and cozy, love it!

We got ourself changed and moved out to look for food.
Swiss Cottage, the entrance of the place I stayed!
It was noon and we were all starving by then as we only had a 5am breakfast and lasted till then. The sun was shining brightly, and it was scorching hot over there, we weren't much interested to walk further away due to the hot weather and also we only had less than an hour before 'Pak Su' came and picked us up for snorkelling. We then decided to eat at a restaurant just beside of the swiss cottage. It seems like a descent chinese restaurant so not much of a worry for us, the only concern we had was that, there are two muslim friends with us. As you all know, they couldn't take pork and the food has to be halal. But they were kind enough to follow us to eat there as we were running short of time. So we manage to talk to the owner of the restaurant to avoid any pork or unhalal food inside.
my first day dinner!
Felt so bad for those two malay friends. I ordered my something that I am familiar with, the Hokkien fried mee, others ordered fried rice and so on. My hokkien mee came shortly after we ordered, the food was ok. Wouldn't say it was damn good as, I ate nicer one before. But hey.. you're in an island so no picky picky about it and the food was ok to eat so not a big deal.

After our lunch, we walked back to our inn and get ourself changed. Soon after that, 'Pak Su' arrived with partially broken van. I was shocked that the van could actually run still. With the rusty look outside and basically everything was spoilt inside. One of my friends even spoilt the door when he opened it. The whole door came off just like that whoops! Haha I guess that pissed off 'Pak Su' a bit but he wouldn't dare to scold us as we were the one paying him! Suck it all up old man! We arrived at the Jetty and boarded a small speed boat.
walking around the jetty where all the yacht are!
I couldn't remember the name of the boat owner so lets just called him the' boatman'. Mr.Boatman brought us to Monkey Bay, Tombak, Renggis, Marine Park and one more which I forgot. The reason we only go to 5 spots of the initial 6 was that we spent too much time loitering around at the first few spots. We were having too much fun feeding the fishes till we forgotten the time. The hightlight of the snorkelling trip was being able to spot a sea turlte, baracuda, trigger fish and also getting bitten by fishes. The reef were just awesome. We head back to the beach about 6 plus. By that time we were all exhausted but still actively talking about what we saw underneath the sea.

We went back to our sweet resting place, I decided to get bath while the others enjoy themselves at the sea.
the sunset!
When I am all set and done, I took my camera and go on for a walk around the island, to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery there. Walking around aimlessly, enjoying the breeze and forget about all the problems that you have.. It was awesome!

We had a early dinner afterwards. The dinner was ok, nothing special about it. I felt the fried rice was a bit plain. After that we head on to bed early. We were exhausted!! But soon after that, I was awaken by mosquitoes bites, crazy enough, I felt like I was living in a freaking jungle. There wasn't any air condition in our room, plus the mosquitoes!It was an unbearable long night! I put repellent all over my body, even on my face.. then it got better for awhile but soon after that, the mosquitoes came back and started attacking all of us!Long long night.. and I didn't really sleep well until about 5 am in the morning, when the weather gets cooler and the mosquitoes get tired! One hell of a night!
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It was a weekend getaway with some close friends as our industrial internship is coming to an end soon. After working for about 7 months now, I we saved up some money to go experience the underwater beauty of the East Coast of Malaysia again. I saved up some money to get my camera, and I decided to put it up for a good use in Tioman this time.

Taking a night bus at 1130pm from Bukit Jalil to Mersing. I was excited, full of anticipation of the breathtaking scenery of Tioman. The bus arrived on time, board on the bus and here I come Tioman!! Woohoo.. Since it was a night trip, I doze off soon after the bus started the journey.

I was awake by the lights above my head, Argggg... it was time! The bus arrived at Mersing station. I drag my partially conscious self out from the bus with the other remaining passengers. I was alone at the station 3am in the morning waiting for the arrival of my friends from Kuala Terengganu. We agreed to meet at the station, so I waited for them quietly at the station while the remaining people fleet away soon after they arrived.

An hour spent waiting aimlessly at the station, pulled out my phone and go online, go on to facebook and posted some shoutouts while waiting for the time to past. I needed to pee suddenly, so I get up from the chair and look for toilet nearby, I found one! but it was locked! Heck! that's a big problem..I walk around the area, there wasn't any nearby either. I tried to hold it, but I couldn't stand it any longer. I wonder somewhere far, found a sewage, I look around, no one was there and I let it go.. Ahhhh so refreshing with the morning breeze blowing, I got a chilled and i shivered for awhile.

Went back to the station, continued my wait. Check the time, is about time my friends arrived. Gave one of them a phone called and they had reached. Their bus never drop them inside the station but drop them outside the main road. I walked out to meet up with them. There 6 of us reunited. We headed towards the Jetty which are nearby, a 15 minutes walked guided by a kind old man on motorcycle. We arrived the station and the old man was the person in-charge of the booth, I wasn't surprise. The earliest ferry to Tioman was 1100 in the morning, we got a shock as we thought the first would be 730 in the morning. As there wasn't any choice left, we bought the ticket for both way which cost us RM 70 each.

Not wanting to waste time sleeping at the Jetty, I decided to walk around the peaceful and quiet town of Mersing with my camera. Going around snapping pictures of the quiet city. My friends followed, we soon spotted a shop opened and decided to go for breakfast. Two foreigners were there as well, we said Hi! but never followed up with chat as most of us were too hungry. I grab some Noodles with egg while the others took 'Nasi Dagang' local food but soon after that, the later went to the toilet and had a big dump! I was lucky! whew..

Watched some cheap movies in the shop to kill sometime before the ferry arrived. About 9am, we went to the bus station to purchase our return ticket on Sunday. I got mine! but the others decided to do it on Sunday.. Bad bad idea. We headed back to the Jetty, by then it was fulled with people heading towards the same destination. We got out boarding pass and waited patiently at the Jetty, while I put on my sunglasses in order to check out pretty girls without being caught. >.<

Roughly about 1030, the ferry arrived. Everyone eagerly lining up in front of the gate. I was quite high that time, first it was due to the weather, secondly a hot chick was on the same ferry with me, third thinking about stepping my feet on the island was just pure awesome. However, it was a big let down when I entered the ferry! The freaking air condition was not on! Is like an oven in there, quickly I grab a seat and stay put quietly, I was sweating like a pig! More people coming in which makes the whole hot and humid, carbon dioxide level rises, hardly breathe..

Thank god someone found the stupid switch for the air condition unit, and we manage to get the place cool before the ferry depart. Damn i swear, it was one of the most unbearable moment in my life. All of my friends quickly went to sleep after the ferry started moving, I am the only one who was hype out and constantly staring out of the window looking at the big blue ocean. Many people were snoring so I took out my camera and do some awesome shooting and laughing my ass out alone in the cabin.

After one an a half hour journey, we were greeted by the magical island. Warm, sunny, sexy beach people sunbathing... sweeetttt. We got down at a place called Tekek. It was awesome!

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jming88 says:
thanks man!
Posted on: Jun 10, 2010
mightor20 says:
already breezed through the blog and your foodie pics made me hungry! great job! :)
Posted on: Jun 10, 2010
Awesome long stretch of shoreline
Awesome long stretch of shoreline
This is the view behind my chalets…
This is the view behind my chalet…
Swiss Cottage, the entrance of the…
Swiss Cottage, the entrance of th…
my first day dinner!
my first day dinner!
walking around the jetty where all…
walking around the jetty where al…
the sunset!
the sunset!
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