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Last Thursday, Sandy and I decided to leave for Goa where we could spend some quality time on the beach.  We decided to take a flight rather than endure the daunting task of taking a 24 hour train ride.  Goa is a state that can be found on the west coast of India, somewhere between Mumbai and Kerala.  Goa was originally established as a Portuguese colony.  The portuguese influences can be found anywhere from the languange Goans speak, to the style of the houses, the way they dress, and even the presence of Catholic churches everywhere. 

 I am staying in a small quiet town named Majorda.  Luckily, I have the opportunity to stay at this cute hotel for free which only around six rooms.  Right now, I am staying in a tent! It is nice for being in a tent, but I am still surprised by the occasional frog that can climb up the walls.  One day, the frogs had Sandy and I screaming at the top of our lungs and running around the room like maniacs - never did I know that I would be so afraid of a little frog!  Generally, the people who are staying at the hotel are young couples who are from the UK that are on "holiday."  I have had quite a lot of fun spending some time with my new friends by the pool drinking way too many bloody marys.     Actually, one night when I had quite a bit to drink, I was sorely woken up the next morning by a rooster who lives in a neighboring farm which sits abreast to my tent.  This was about 5:30 in the morning, and about a half an hour later, there was a enormous squeal that came from a pig which seemed to be in the tent.  I nearly jumped out of bed from the high-pitched sound.  Shortly after, I was woken again by a women who was yelling at the pig.  Then there were the dogs barking.....Needless to say, I have been sleeping with earplugs ever since. 

So far, Sandy and I have been taking short road trips around the state.  Goa is simply a beautiful place to be.  There are emerald green rice fields everywhere and water buffalo grazing through the marsh areas.  This greenery is contrasted wonderfully by the brick red soil.  Goa is not too filthy, although you will see the occasional trash on the side of the road.   I amazed to see a cow eating some cardboard on the side of the road.  This brings me to a realization that I had seeing all the animals and people alike sifting through the garbage.  In a country like India, if there wasn't garbage everywhere, then how would the cows eat.  Certainly people are too poor to not only sustain themselves, so how could they feed the cows, dogs, and pigs?  People to sustain their lives from the garbage that is on the street.  So in my mind, even though this is not the optimal situation, some people and animals would simply starve to death.  This situation is almost symbolic to what I think of India: even though there is so much disorder, it somehow has an order. What would happen to life if order that we are used to in the states was imposed?? Especially when there is a billion people and they refuse (for the most part) to kill cows and other animals because they are considered holy?  India is developing rapidly, but it will be interesting to see what happens ten or twenty years down the road with this dynamic.  It most certainly can't model itself off of the western development, or liberalization, because too many people will become marginalized - which many, many have already become.

Back to my trip, tomorrow I will be spending the entire day on the beach in order to recover from the incessant naseau that has plagued me since i have gotten here.  Someone called it Delhi Belly which I thought was clever.  Well, I will try to write soon since I have discovered an nearby internet cafe which is kicking me out as I write this.....

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photo by: chiyeh