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Thanks to a lady climbing Morrow Rock in front of me I got pics.

Oh look!  I found the space which previously illuded me where I can actually write!  You guys are in trouble now.  <lol>

The truth is that of all the places one can go in Sequoia National Park for me, this blind guy, Morrow Rock is it.  Why?  If I could tell you I\'d know myself.  Most probably its just plain symbolic to me of my independence, my ability to get up to the top of the thing esentially unaided. 

Now I\'ve made several trips to Sequoia since this one, all with family or others.  I must say that on one of these, with my neqhew, his wife plus my daughter and the rest of us, I actually heard a bear wrustling around; for me that was a thrill I have to say.  Sure you can tell they\'re around visually but those bears are truly silent and so it was great to actually get the sense of one being there.  Of course, some dumb hapless LA tourist nearly found out about bears the hard way.  The reason we heard the thing at all was that she was leaning out over the fence and quite frankly getting dangerously close to the bear\'s space. 

Now the shuttle bus is only available from Memorial Day through Labor Day and in all honesty I do not like the way it is configured.  Esentially you are sealed up in this metal cacoon, (a glorified maxi van) and you are subjected to this stupid video that just cheapens the whole experience.  But its government run so you do what the government says.  Right?  Nothing like going up the General\'s Highway with the windows down just taking in the air and yes the feeling that just doesn\'t translate to an air conditioned sealed up conveyance. 

Oh this past summer, July 2010, I did have an interesting \"discussion\" with a ranger as I was walking up the side of General\'s Highway.  We\'d stayed the night before at the Gateway Restaurant and Lodge and I decided I wanted to experience walking up into the park since we were so close.  So off I went with cane in hand, my audi GPS and again, as always, my 2 meter ham radio with which I communicated with my significant other as she remained at the hotel.  I was being really careful I thought, walking right on the edge and along came a ranger.  He told me that the place was too narrow for walking and since he\'d pulled his vehicle accross the road so that we were all blocking traffic what else could I do?  I let him and his partner drive me back to the Gateway.  Ah, but along the way all was not lost; I got an English speaking Japanese tourist to take a couple of photos with my handy dandy cell phone camera. 

Now to be fair, he was probably not entirely wrong.  He said that the fog line was right on the edge of the road and of course there was a rather uneven culvert that I was following which was there to take the river\'s overflow in heavy water.  But darn it all, how else was I going to figure out how that road worked?  Now I know so I\'m happy, more or less.

Now if I don\'t get going we won\'t be ready for our next trip to the UK leaving on 13, August.  Better get to packing. 

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Thanks to a lady climbing Morrow R…
Thanks to a lady climbing Morrow …
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Sequoia National Park
photo by: travelwithsuz