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Time was running out. Only two nights left. The final night I had decided on Taormina, from where I could get to Catania well before my flight was due. But what about the one remaining night. There were several possibilities but I decided on trying to at least see something of the Eolian Islands. The only reasonable port for getting there in February was Milazzo so I took the bus to Cefalu and landed at the station. The train route to Milazzo was fine and I took a local bus from the station to the town without difficulty. A bit of haggling obtained a reasonable price for the night and I went to try my luck with the boats. It was a choice of ship or aliscafo (hovercraft). A glance at the time-tables persuaded me that the only semi-sensible choice, given the time available, was to go to Lipari by aliscafo via Volcano and have about an hour there. The alternative was to forget the whole idea - so I went.

I don't particularly enjoy going on these high speed jobs as they lack intrinsic interest. The only other travellers were a family of dwarfs, who could not have made it more obvious that they did not want to be sociable. Of course it is not permitted to leave the cabin. Volcano is an island with a volcano that is approaching the end of its life, just puffing up the odd gust of smoke. Then came Lipari. It seemed a wonderful island and I should have loved to take buses around it. However I decided to go up to the cathedral and its neighbouring museum. The museum is unexpectedly good and the situation allows for wonderful views but my principal memory is of a strange encounter.

This had nothing of the supernatural. It concerned a dog - of no particular breed. It was a very friendly animal - over friendly - with a particular inclination towards my right leg! I gently - very, very gently, pushed it away with my stick. It howled as though I had beaten it most cruelly. Then its owner, a woman in her 50s, joined in and accused me of cruelty to her dog. Of course I denied it - I said I loved dogs - I said (truthfully) that we have a dog ourselves. But with that lying creature screaming continuously that it was in great pain and its misguided mistress roaring that I was a cruel monster, who would have believed me?

I thought Lipari was a really good place and I should like to have gone up to the castle but I was hungry and tired. I dealt in turn with these two problems.

davidx says:
Many thanks for the info.
Posted on: Aug 21, 2010
bernard69 says:
As I went there and as I'm interested in volcanoes(I went to South Pacific mainly because of the Yasur in Vanuatu,the most accessible active volcano on earth),I have to say that Vulcano is one of the most active Italian volcano and with a high hazard potential,although dormant,it may explode(vulcanian volcano) tomorrow and its pyroclastic flows and surges might reach the village and the resorts full in Summer...
Posted on: Aug 20, 2010
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