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volcanic activity shot from the viewing platform
                    Said to be the world's only drivin-in volcano(the road runs right up to and through the volcano but tell that to people from Big Island in Hawaii!),La Soufrière Sulphur Springs about a mile south from town  is only a small part of a huge caldera (8 miles in diameter)including the former St Lucia capital itself.Although there are signs of activity(steam,boiling mud),it is said dormant (last eruption in 1700's).
                     The attraction consists essentially in several bubbling and steaming pools of black water and mud.
                    The visitors are not allowed to walk in the solfatara after one of the guides called Gabriel jumped on the ground to show how pourous it was and fell in.
Gabriel's hole:through, a guide fell 20 years ago and got severe burns that the reason why walking in the crater is prohibited. Bubbling black mud and steam rising from the fissure
He was severely burnt but survived.The service of a knowledgeable guide (tip) are included in the entrance fee(12,5 EC$).He will guide you from the carpark to the viewing platforms overlooking  the volcanic area.
                    On  the site are Roman baths where people can take mud bath.
                    To go there ask people in the Soufriere center near the church( no sign in all the town!) and take the Vieux Fort road which winds uphill,turn left after one mile(Sulphur Springs sign).
                    If you have already visited some solfatara,it won't be a great attraction for you and the very informative guide's words were as well interesting than the views of the volcanic pools.
puffs of smoke from the viewing area

                   PS I just see on the entrance ticket that is the only Carribean drive-in volcano!
PhinsAndGills says:
Nevermind! I see you've been to Grenada already! :)
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
PhinsAndGills says:
When you do get back to the Caribbean, consider Grenada. It's my favorite! Antigua and St. Croix were pretty awesome, too.
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
bernard69 says:
Thanks for the tip Ivan but it will be a long time before we go back to Carribean having first to "explore" Pacific, Indian Oceans and SEA:)
Posted on: Jun 11, 2010
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volcanic activity shot from the vi…
volcanic activity shot from the v…
Gabriels hole:through, a guide fe…
Gabriel's hole:through, a guide f…
puffs of smoke from the viewing ar…
puffs of smoke from the viewing a…
the solfatara shot behind a fence
the solfatara shot behind a fence
2 smelly people,in fact the sulphu…
2 smelly people,in fact the sulph…
photo by: bernard69