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Right before I entered my flight via Arlanda, Stockholm to New York last summer 2009. (All photos taken with my iphone)

- The journey as begun

Woke up around 02:00 at night and couldnĀ“t sleep anymore... Looked at the clock and turned on my computer, chatted on facebook, for a bit. Listened to music from my HD-TV screen. Time flew by, eventually.. Took a shower, packed the rest of my things for the 3rd time. Looked at my clock again.. Hmmm... Time to go..

Finally outside my apartment, lighted up a smoke.. Aaah.. That felt good at the time.. Walked down to the shuttle bus. The time was 04:59.

Arrived at Oslo Airport, 05:50.. Time for another smoke, to calm my nerves a bit..
Checked in my luggage.. Took another smoke.. Watched a little bit of Jeff Dunham on my MacBook.. "LOL"..

Well time to go, go through the safty zone and go to gate.. The plane left at 08:45 (delayed).

Over some mountains in Norway
. And landed at Arlanda 09:45.. Walked again through another passport (checkpoint), before boarding, the 2nd flight to Newark, New York.. The plane left around 10:40.. And landed at Newark around 13:10 (local time in New York).

Take care.. (Still on the plane).

Arrived at Newark Airport safely, went through the customs without a problem... Got my luggage also.. It was very hot at the airport and outside the terminal.. Had to go outside, needed a smoke.. Waited a few minutes, the an hour for a shuttle..

Finally I couldnĀ“t wait any longer.. I took a bus to 42nd street (Port Authority).. Then took the subway to 103th street and walked to 107th street, West Side Inn.. Damn, it was HOT outside. It felt like I was right in the middle of the sun.. hehe.. Arrived at the Hostel..
checked in, took a cold shower.. Changed clothing.. Took a walk around the area, then walked back to the Hostel..

I fell a sleep at 18:00 local time, New York (00:00, Oslo). And woke up 10:00 (15:00, Oslo).

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Right before I entered my flight v…
Right before I entered my flight …
Over some mountains in Norway
Over some mountains in Norway
photo by: sarahsan