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Hello people!

A little presentation : i'm a french girl, 26 years old. My next travel is in exatly 3 months!!

Destination : Jordan : 6 to 17th september 2010.

Why Jordan? To be honest with you, i want to be Indiana Jones, i'm fan of the last crusade and i think to have an idea about where the grail is hidden... ;)
But seriously, because of WADI RUM & the desert, PETRA & its treasures, AQABA & snorkelling, the DEAD SEA & the experience of floating there, WADI MUJIB & canyoning, DANA & its natural reserve.

I travel alone (and with my hat and my lasso of course, you know i'm indiana jones!)
I want to see a lot, but without running everywhere, take the time.
WADI RUM : Itinerary Not sure, need your point of view....
..Ottis redding says it so well : "wasting time on the dock of the bay..."
I hope to find different couchsurfers or travelbuddys on my way!

What about my itinerary ?

[EDIT 06/09/10]
D0 : Arriving at Amman airport at night.
D5-6-7 : PETRA
D11 : departure at amman airport at 6.00 am

What about transport?

I think Jordan's avantage is the distance between main cities, it's not so far. For exemple, north to the south : Aqaba -> Amman, is just 400 kms (4 hours & 8JD).
I read that rent a car is the better, in this way you are total free.
There are also public buses (expl: Wadi Rum-> Aqaba : 2.50 JD) but not everywhere. But they're taxis instead.
I wonder if i should really rent a car?... I want to but i must say that i am not sure about my driving in an other country, well, i'm a quite good driver but hum hum...
Buses & taxis are a good way to meet people too!
And i read that Hitch hiking is possible on some roads, but i will see on place...

Anyway, as Indiana Jones, i will find a horse! ;)

What about accomodation?

If you have some adresses! thank you! I have some ideas thanks to couchsurfing & travelbuddy, definitely! Couchsurfing is the best way to meet people, discover the way of life of a country, i was in Morocco last year with couchsurfing, and it's an experience to share, really. I am new on travelbuddy and i think it's a good way to meet other travellers and split prices.
I have some nice contacts, will see...
The most part of the time, i will sleep in tent : In wadi rum, petra & dana,  i have some adresses of backpackers camps or bedouin camps, i will see on place.... What do you suggest to me?

And anyway, i'm Indiana Jones! ;)

Give me your advices & your tips before the departure!! Thank you!

That's all for the moment.

CĂ©line Jones.

williamalajalian says:
Jordan it safe place to travailing alone!
and just do it .

Posted on: Aug 30, 2010
cline19 says:
Hey Martiiina!

Hope you could find all the stuff to come in Jordan & that we meet during that trip.
I will send you a mail with adresses & details soon!
well traveling alone as a girl shouldn't be a problem, however you should dress apropriately, don't walk alone at night, etc...Take care!
See you somewhere there !!!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2010
martiiina says:
hey there jones,
i'm planning to do the same in september. i'd like to flight to beirut first, then to go to damascus and from there to take a bus/train (?) to amman. then i'd like to do the same trip you've postet in this blog, crossing then the board to israel and see this last country (i think this is the best way to do that because of visa and this stuff).
i'm very excited about this trip even if everybody says to me, i should take care because this countries are not safe for a woman who's travelling alone. but i'll be able to do this, i think :) and i'm not scared, or - not more scared as if i would travelling in south america or wherever.
the problem is just the visa and the fact that I'd like to couch surfing there, so i'll not have an adress where i'll definitively stay and maybe this would complicated the process of entry in the countries.
anyway, i'll keep you up to date about my plans and maybe we'll meet in jordan! it would be great! :)

ps. would you give me the adresses of backpackers camps or bedouin camps? thanks :)
Posted on: Jun 24, 2010
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WADI RUM : Itinerary Not sure, n…
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