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As early as 3 AM, I'm already awake. All things were packed perfectly and it's seemingly suited to my black backpack. Mini Stop's fried chicken plus two cups of rice were perfect for my breakfast. After few minutes, I headed at the assembly area.

The call time was held at the back of the PB Com Tower, the tallest building in the Philippines. Everyone was busy taking pictures. In some corners, were the cigarette buddies. Some were laughing so loud. Others were taking some Starbucks coffees. After maybe an hour, everyone professionally lined up to their respective assigned buses. By the way, buses were aligned according to numbers. If I'm not mistaken, there had been five hired buses. 

At exactly 7 AM, we headed to Punta de Uian in Zambales.

It is located in the Central Luzon region and bounded by Tarlac, Pampanga, and Bataan. This province lies between the South China Sea and the Zambales Mountains. It is even the second largest among the seven provinces of Central Luzon. The province is noted for its mangoes, which are abundant from January to April.

As we head to Zambales, I was busy updating my Facebook account through my cellphone. My friends were busy chatting, others tried to get some sleep but to their dismays, noise was unavoidable. My teammates brought with them their kids making our ride with so much fun.

The four-hour ride was rewarding, though. I've got the chance of assessing other's personalities. I was impressed by the way the handle their composure.

I am like them, no kidding aside huh.

We had our first bus stop in Pampanga then in Tarlac. As expected, most were busy taking good shots, others were taking some snacks. I've got engrossed to Pampanga's Lugaw. It was so delicious! I never thought, Kapampangans can really cook like that. There were seasonings added, just like our ordinary lugaw in Manila or in Ilocos. But, theirs was a big hit!

Once again, I get back to my fone updating my account. I was so happy sharing the good news about Kapampangan's Lugaw!

After quite sometime, everyone noticed the signage 'Welcome to Punta de Uian'. I've got some energy, so excited to see the place. Zambales never failed me. Wow...viva Punta de Uian! You're so beautiful, real breathtaking!

As we headed to the resort's hall, lunch was ready.

The foods served were delicious. I even lined up twice!

After lunch, we had a simple program organized by the resort's management team. While the program was on-going, I and my friends headed to one of the islands near the resort. Here are some of our photos! Enjoy!

By the way, Zambales hosts many tourist attractions which include casinos, beach resorts, parks, beachside huts and cottages and historical artifacts. Its shoreline is very ragged, and features many coves and inlets. The mountain range on the eastern part of the province occupies about 60% of its total land area. Subic Bay, in the southernmost part of the province, provides a natural harbor, and was chosen as the location of an American naval. Zambales has two pronounced seasons: dry from October to June, and wet from July to September.

The area now occupied by Zambales was first explored by the Spanish in 1572, led by Juan de Salcedo.


The province's name came from the word zambal, which is a Hispanized term for Sambali. Zambal refers to the language spoken by the early inhabitants of the place. A contending version states that the name was derived from the word samba, meaning worship, because the Spanish supposedly found the native inhabitants to be highly superstitious; worshiping the spirits of their ancestors.

Many people found jobs and permanently settled there. The presence of the Americans greatly influenced the inhabitants, from their tastes in food, clothing, and style.

Respect for elders is still importantly observed. Feast days of patron saints are still being practiced in the area, and hospitable ZambaleƱos are very accommodating when it comes to feasts.

cimtech says:
Very interesting review, enjoyed reading it!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2015
holdmyhandsforever says:
Thanks Antoine, really appreciate it. ;D
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
paul-joseph says:
Excellent review ! Noel !
Thank you for the interesting details and the beautiful pictures.
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
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