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We left our hostel in Colonia, being lead by the best tour guide Colonia has to offer (our dear canine pal who waiting for us at the front door, once again) to the ferry. We opted for the one-hour ferry that left out at 10:30am to Buenos Aires. Since we only had one day in the city, we didn't want to waste an extra two hours on the ferry.

Once arriving in Buenos Aires, we got completely turned around. I thought we were going to dock further south than where we actually landed, so we had a little trouble trying to find the subway to get to our hostel. Once we were able to locate streets on our map, we found we were further north and it would just be easier to walk the ten or twelve more blocks to the hostel.

Once we were settled, with backpacks our packbacks off, we headed off to get some locro for lunch and see the cemetary in la Recoleta. The opera house turned bookstore was somewhere in this area, but we unfortunately couldn't find it. Surprisingly, not a lot of people speak English in Buenos Aires (I had assumed that the large cities would speak more English and we would have more problems communicating in the smaller towns--suprisingly enough, this was not the case). I hope that it will still exist whenever we get the chance to come back (El Ateneo - 1860 Santa Fe Avenue. Look it up, it's seems amazing!)

We stopped off at ... to get some locro and empanadas. Tip: Most restaurants only accept cash (depending on our debit cards was a habit we had to quickly get out of).

The cemetary was an amazing experience of navigating through alleyways of mausoleums.

You can buy a map of the cemetary for a couple pesos (nothing more than $1 USD). We went in the late afternoon and were able to see the cats looming about (I had read that they hid during the day; however it seems difficult to believe since they seemed more cozy there than timid).

Once we freshened back-up at the hostel, we ventured back out to ride the A-line (which is an all-wooden subway train) to the Plaza de Mayo. We must have gotten there too late in the day and there wasn't much going on. We went back to San Telmo and had some delicious fish and chips at a English pub and then went back to our hostel and chatted it up with the others staying there in the basement bar.

Then left at 4am to catch our flight to Mendoza...

One day in Buenos Aires was just not enough (we didn't get to see La Boca or Palermo)

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