The littel village in the middle of nowhere.....aaaahhhhh!

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I was not headed to my hotel in Habovka. It has no claim to fame. It was centrally located for my exploration and I found a nice place to stay for cheap!

Now, as I was saying earlier, the villages were increasingly filled with more and more character. I passed through Sedliacka Dubova with some Slovak Village Musuem worthy houses and a dramatic church with a red roof.

The next town over, had a guy on the town square with his van opened up and a table behind it with mounds of different kinds of lace displayed for sale. In the fields outside of town, the typical tent shaped Slovak hay stacks. Some cultures seem to just do something different with hay.

I turned off onto the final little road to lead me to Habovka and in front of me was a military looking ATV with a Slovak flag sticking out of it and a sign in front with a phone number, for sale or for hire??? Across was a field of happy cows amidst some ancient ruins.

I reached Habovka……not knowing what to expect. To my pleasant surprise, it was so quaint and peaceful with the river running near and mountain views.

I found the Penzion Orava easily as most of town is on the main road. I couldn’t find anyone to check me in so, I found a call button by the front gate into the courtyard. The girl who answered didn’t speak English. I called the phone number and the owner answered and understood “reservation”. He lives next door / up the hill. He came out and was looking down to find me. He came down and we struggled with our inability to speak each other’s language…..but we understood and things were fine. He had his son come down to assist with the details of things. He has studied English, quite a bit but, as there is no one around to practice with, he struggles and stumbles.

He did a good job, though.

They showed me the room and then took payment and passport information. The son told me that if I needed anything that I should call his dad’s number and he would answer. He also told me that I was the first American to ever stay at their pension, and welcome!

After bringing in my luggage, I went up the street to the grocery and picked up some supplies for a couple of days and some Slovak wine…..good stuff! I returned with the good and remembered that I had wanted to go Slovak log rafting and that maybe the guys could help me with that. I called and the son came down. He didn’t know but his father came to the rescue. He knows the guy who actually does the rafting. He called and was told that he would have to call and let us know later that night.

For the last two weeks there had been terrible rain and so no rafting. Now, all of that water coming down the river could be dangerous. He would have to assess the conditions and call back.

I worked on writing about my day in the interim and a few post cards, as well. The courtyard was a comfortable place to kick back and enjoy natures sounds.

Soon, they were on their way back. They had the guy’s wife on the phone, who speaks better English. She gave me instructions on where to meet the next morning. I’m not sure if I am the only one or not……but, I’m going rafting on a Slovak log raft….whoohoo!!!

I spent the rest of the sunset hours walking along main street. It passes 2 churches, has commanding views of the mountains around, and meets the river at the town sign. The sunset was colorful and a coolness set in……nice!

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photo by: delsol67