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I put on my eye mask while trying to get to sleep. I learned from my first night in Banska Bystrica.

It was a glorious morning, again. It had gotten a bit cooler last night, yeah, and I even had to used the heavy blanket. I left the window open as it was not cool through the evening and even at bed time.

I didn’t get as early a start as I wanted…but do I ever………well sometimes. Anyway, I packed and prepared for my day. I had the scrambled eggs for breakfast and asked for “no onions” , this time.

Soon, I was in my clean car and on my way north. Today was a castle day, Oravsky. On the way, I planned to stop in on two towns that got a one line mention in my travel guide but, sounded interesting.

My drive was even more picturesque that yesterday, believe it or not. The further I move into the Tatras, the more interesting the villages become. They are less and less filled with modernity. The old is king and it isn’t for tourist as there are no souvenirs or day trips to these places. I was off the beaten path for sure, and loving it.

Take a look at Valaska Dubova, so quaint, so tiny, barely even a village, but what surroundings they are blessed with.

Lestiny was my first destination. As I turned off the main road and onto the back road, the housing was a lot more basic. This is a poor community and it showed. The thing is……they have one of the most valuable structures in all of Slovakia in there village and they take great care of it. They have a wooden Lutheran Church from the late 17th century.

It looks like a simple barn structure but is said to have an interior filled with painted folk art. I was able to catch a glimpse of the outside but, I was unable to in as the gate was locked. I did cause quite a stir. Seven different people came out of their houses too see what I was doing…..the stranger in town. I don’t think they get visitors…..that they don’t know. They weren’t unfriendly….just curious. I started to moved on but was stopped by an astonishing sight. Before me, in a terrible condition, was a house with unique combination of styles. It was obviously Baroque but with a Slovak style of onion-domed roofs. I would love to have this place and fix it up…..WOW, it’s unbelievable!!! It is a jewel and deserves better than the abandonment is has received. I would have loved to explored but with high grass and Police nearby….I moved on.

The next spot, Istebne, doesn’t even get a real mention as I went to the town but was unable to find and signage to assist me in my search. I moved on, again.

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photo by: delsol67