Heading home through Poland in 97 F heat and no a/c!

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I will give the abridged version of this story! FYI the tow truck driver can speak no English and the Villa owner speaks only Germanish ��" English. It was rough.


So….I got up at 06:45 and prepared for my tow truck which was to arrive at 08:00. When he arrived, He looked at the front wheels and then under the hood at the master cylinder. The master cylinder was almost empty. I felt stupid as I know to look there but, since not really using the car for the last 3 years, I didn’t think about it.


He tried to load the car…..car was too low for his tow truck. He needs to return to Poprad and get the other truck that is lower. He says that he will call around in Poprad and see if any of the service centers he has contacts at, will work on the car.


He has the owner’s auto service call me back…better English.

He says that the tow truck driver could not get anyone to work on my Saab. He would need to tow it to Kosice (280 km) and it would be 230 euro. He also says that the tow truck guy could bring me some brake fluid, fill it, and provide extra. He thinks that will offer me a way to get to somewhere to get the car repaired, either Kosice or Bratislava.


So, I accept this and 90 minutes later, the tow truck guy returns. He fills the master cylinder, tests the brakes, and tells me to drive slow and I should be ok. I thank him and try to pay him. He will only accept the 5 euro for the brake fluid…I make him take an additional 5 euro, atleast.


In the few minutes after that it was taking me to get my luggage and put it in the car, I decided that I could not risk getting further away from home. I was to drive to Pecs, in Southern Hungary and then near Zagreb, Croatia, and north to Maribor, Slovenia before coming home.


That would add atleast another 1000 miles on to my already long journey. I didn’t want to risk damaging the car or causing an accident so…..I headed home.


I decided that I would just stay my distance from other people and check the fluid level often. I needed to get through the Polish countryside and to Krakow. From there it should be highway all the way back to Amsterdam.


I start north heading toward Zdiar. I was only out of Tatranska Lomnica before I got a speeding ticket. The cop was nice but could speak NO English. The speed was not posted but….he couldn’t understand my objection. He showed me that I was doing 65 kph and the limit was 50 kph. The ticket was 10 euro…I just paid it and moved on.


I reached the Polish boarder in less than 30 minutes.


In the town of Czarna Gora, I stopped for a sticking wood, stucco, and stone church. I couldn’t resist.


The area of Poland was fairly flat, mostly farmland, with just some hills now and then. There were many fields of hay being grown and it was interesting that the Polish had their own unique way to dry it. It looks like a skinny pile that looks like cousin it from the Adams Family.


I even pulled over in the center median for a fantastically preserved wooden church.


I have forgotten to tell you about the increasing temperature. It started in Novy Smokovec at 82 F and by the time I reached Krakow it was 97 F and very humid. Now remember, I have no a/c in the car. I thought my brain was baking. The traffic was stopped, bumper to bumper, in Krakow. I was worried about the brakes and made miserable by the heat!!!


Just west of Krakow, I did see a Baroque multi-domed church on a hill. That was a nice surprise and took my mind off the heat for a moment.

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photo by: vulindlela