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You always keep listening to stories of Europe, this-that Europe, art-Europe, fashion-Europe, cuisine-Europe, etc and Italy is always featured heavily in those conversations. My first connection with Italy began from when I was a kid. I was raised in a Roman Catholic convent in Zambia headed by Italian nuns. And from that early age, I always wanted to visit the land of nuns, the land of Christianity, and the land of macaroni (mind you, I didn't know of pizza those days). However, through the years, I never even once thought of visiting Italy as it seemed to boring and "mature" for my tastes, until last Sept when I went to Loire Valley in France and got a taste of the real Europe. Since then, Italy was, but the next logical stop.

Then came the big debate - which city?

Italy is huge, I kid you not. You can break the country up into major tourist areas (Roma, Milano, Venicia and Firenze) and then, it all seems doable in about week'ish installments (although you need more!). I chose Firenze simply because it seemed small and compact enough, got lots of museums and is the birthplace of the Renaissance. I planned for a week here peeking into various towns in the heart of Tuscany.

So, cut across to May 2010 - I was on the cheap (well not money wise) aircraft headed from Gatwick to Firenze. The flight landed at 11pm local time. I have to say, the airport is incredibly tiny, and the terminal building is so small that the queue for Immigration actually extended to the outside of the airport (the tarmac area that is). Immi done and baggage collected, I caught a taxi to my hotel. It was about midnight when I arrived, I got into this archaic lift, met the owner and collected the key to my room. I was rather tired, so had a shower and went to bed by 1am. I was all set to start sightseeing the next day!

Travel2014 says:
Found It... :)!
Posted on: Dec 27, 2013
reikunboy says:
nice intro i will be going to italy this christmas.
Posted on: Sep 15, 2012
abbylf0068 says:
Congrats on being featured! And many thanks. I have always wanted to travel to Italy. But now after reading your blog it makes me want to go even more.
Posted on: Jul 23, 2010
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