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I’ve had a full day of it.  I started the day at the beach, getting there just before 9 o’clock this morning.  I claimed a spot, and got lathered up with sunscreen – or so I thought.  I stayed seaside for nearly three hours, reading, sunbathing and relaxing.  The sky turned black, practically, but only a few droplets of rain fell.  It was actually refreshing.  I loved listening to the waves crash and laying on the beach.  It wasn’t until I got back to the hotel that I realized that I’d missed a portion of my left arm, back and leg with sunscreen.  I am bright red, and I look like I didn’t know what I was doing (which, apparently is the case).

I came back to the hotel about noon, and got cleaned up and headed to Fairhope.

  I picked a good afternoon to do so – it poured down rain most of the afternoon.  I called OnStar for directions, and got there okay, but Panini Pete’s isn’t marked on this street, so I still ended up driving around for twenty minutes.  It turns out that it is located in “The French Quarter”, a collection of boutiques and shops and cafes.  I sat out on their patio, and ordered a roasted turkey panino and French fries.  I enjoyed the sandwich, and then since I’d driven all that way (okay, it was just a half-hour, but still…)  I walked around the quaint town and shopped in some of the shops.  I managed to not buy anything, but then went to the scrapbook store in Foley where I was not so lucky. (It wasn’t really that bad; I controlled my impulse buys there).  Since it was still rainy, I wandered around the Pelican Place shopping center, next to my hotel.
  I resisted the urge to indulge at Sweetie Pie’s, but I’m still debating on lunch tomorrow.

Having been told about Lulu’s at the scrapbook store, I decided I didn’t want to miss this Gulf Shores original, so I went there for supper. I was told the wait would be about 25 minutes, but it was probably only 10 or so; it didn’t seem long at all.  I was sat at this huge honkin’ table, even though I was by myself.  I ordered a veggie burrito (without the corn, I hate corn) and it was absolutely delicious.  The band playing was really good.  They played oldies cover songs, and it made it a party atmosphere; I was dancin’ in my seat.

I got back in my hotel room just after 7 – missing only the first few minutes of the Biggest Loser.

  I got addicted to the show (not because of the weightloss, but because of the emotional stories, especially of the girls – I can totally relate!) and tonight was the finale – I couldn’t miss it, even on vacation!

I had debated all day about getting ice cream, and finally decided I’m on vacation, go for it  So, I went to Bruster’s and ended up with orange sherbet – not peach frozen yogurt like I’d seen advertised.  Oh, well.  To me, orange sherbet is a vacation treat (my first memory of it is in Branson, Missouri when I was about five years old).  I wanted to go back to the beach, but because there were too many groups of what seemed like drunk twenty-somethings, I avoided it and headed back to the hotel.  My sunburn is starting to bother me, and I’m aggravated with myself for missing my arm and leg with sunscreen.  I’m going to bed.  Maybe it’ll have turned dark by the time I wake up.

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