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Had an amazing night out last night here in new york - its the biggest night pretty much for the year because its the july 4 independence day holiday here today so everyone goes out the night before. jake, iza and i first went to this bar that was like coyote ugly - i cant even explain how crazy it is!! old school, american music and country and western music, and the bar is so dingy but its fun. there are like a thousand bras hanging from the roof there from all the people who had taken them off and left them there, its hilarious. anyway, so the two bar girls wear cowboy bikini top things like coyote ugly, and have megaphones and they scream out to everyone in the bar, and they were like "i think its time for you two pretty ladys to come dance on the bar with us" and we were totally oblivious to the fact they were talking to us until i was practically dragged up there by myself, and i have never been so embarrassed in my life!! i had only had one drink and the bar girl who was making me dance up there with her would not let me get down! got some funny photos, it was an experience to say the least. anyway, then this other girl gets up there once i am down, and takes her top off AND her bra and throws her bra up with the rest of them. at this point we are thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PLACE" but it was so funny at the same time. after that we tried to get into this club down the road called destination, but the line was too long so we moved onto this other place where apparently lindsay lohan parties, and its so difficult to get in, but the three of us walked straight to the front of the line and pulled the "we are from australia" line and it worked like an absolute charm, like it always does!! haha. so good. anyway this place was amazing and we met some pretty cool people, and the view was just beautiful. then we went to bungalow 8 where lots of celebs hang out and that was a pretty awesome club, then to marquee and then home. the nightlife here is insane, i never want to come home! haha. today we went to 5th ave to do some shopping, and had some lunch and then now we are having a chill out before we go to the rockefeller centre to go t othe observation deck to get another amazing view of the city! dont know what we will do tonight for july 4, but spontaneous nights are always the best nights so stay tuned for lots more stories to come!

em xo

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New York
photo by: herman_munster