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Well we flew into newark airport in New Jersey this afternoon from Honolulu via L.A. Long plane trip (All up including the stop over about 13 hours) but we are finally here to properly begin our adventure! Feeling pretty jet lagged, but we are staying with Izabela's family just outside the city for the night, then going into the city for the next 5 days tomorrow. Cannot wait to hit the shops and see all the famous sites of new york city that I have seen and heard about for so long. Cannot get my head around the fact that tomorrow I will be in the heart of NYC shopping and wandering around times square! Waikiki for the couple of days we were there was beautiful, and perfect for a relax before we rush around new york for 5 days!! Have already caught the shopping bug, and bought some clothes and perfume, make-up etc. but that's what saving for a trip is all about, right?? haha. Found out yesterday a good friend of mine is going to be in new york the same time as us so I am really looking forward to catching up with him and he can show us around the city and take us out partying!!

Will write again soon with more exciting news from New York!!

Em xo

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Well we have just gotten back to our hotel room on East 51st street after another massive day in new york city! We decided to do the tourist things today, so we got up and after having some breakfast at a good place near here, we took the subway to where we thought we were heading in the right direction to ground zero (twin towers site) but actually got on the train going uptown instead of downtown by accident. got off the train when we realised, got back on the the right one, and heading to ground zero. a pretty confronting place, when you think back to 9/11 and all the people who lost their lives - as you stand near the site, imagining the chaos and the horrifying things that occured at that very spot that day is chilling and very saddening. after ground zero we went to a discount designer wear centre called century 21, and i bought a new wallet, and also a gorgeous pair of heels!! we are trying to be good with our money cause yesterday our first day of shopping here we went crazy - i bought marc jacobs sunglasses (which were on sale!), also some zara shorts and some stuff from american eagle. went out last night with a friend from melbourne who is here to a few clubs and bars in the meat packing district of new york, which is the trendiest and best area to go out in. didnt get home too late thought because we didnt want to write ourselves off for today. tomorrow is july 4, a HUGE holiday here so the city will be going crazy - biggest night of the year here in the city tonight because everyone has a holiday tomorrow, so we are again going out but not coming home early this time!! last night, we went to this AMAZING rooftop bar. we were sitting having drinks looking over the whole of new york, and the empire state building was directly in front of us. times square is like nothing i have EVER seen before aswell - the bright lights and the people, all the billboards and big screens and the advertising. its amazing. its so much bigger than I had ever thought (as is everything here!), and at night it is the most amazing spectacle. i could literally sit there for hours and just watch all the lights and the people!! july 4 here equals awesome sales, so we are going to head to 5th ave tomorrow, and also 57th too. going to go to tiffany & co i am SO excited. also to the biggest victorias secret store in manhattan!! this afternoon we took the statten island ferry out of manhattan to go past the statue of liberty - such a surreal feeling being on the ferry looking out to the statue and the cityscape of manhattan island in the background - amazing.

anyway i could go on for hours, but im loading photos up to my myspace at the moment so check them out if you can. ill put more up whenever i can, and keep you guys all up to date with some more news on july 4, tomorrow!!

em xo




New York
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