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hey everyone!!

Well, its 7am and here, and its blue skies and sunshine - such a nice change from the cold and horrible weather in melbourne! We flew in yesterday morning, and spent most of the day on the beach here (which is so beautiful) swimming, and sunbaking, where we met some guys from california who were really nice. They actually took us to dinner last night at this restaurant here called 'Dukes' which was right on the beach and the food was really nice. We are catching up with them again today on the beach, and they said they would come to disneyland with us when we go, so that will be awesome. Going to have breakfast downstairs at the hotel soon, then back out to the beach again. The shops here are so good, its to tempting to blow all my money in one hit but I'm saving myself for new york!! We already got a good taste of american food yesterday at this diner we went to for breakfast. We had scrambled eggs and bacon (which was just like crisped up fat - yuk! haha) and we asked for mushrooms grilled on the side and they just didnt understand that concept and first thought we meant raw mushrooms - I guess they dont eat them with eggs like we do at home haha. Anyway, we also forgot about the tipping here (you have to tip basically everywhere, no less that 10% of your bill) and as we left the lady was so upfront and goes "leave your tip on the table"! So we rushed back and put down a few dollars and left. We fly out to new york tonight, via L.A where we stop for a couple of hours. Staying in new york for about 6 days, then off to miami and then back to L.A where we will head to vegas from there! Having an awesome time so far - missing home a little, but in a couple of days once the jet lag and stuff is gone I think we will both be feeling much better.

Speak soon! Will write next from new york!!!

em xo


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photo by: crystalware